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5 Most Important Meta Tags That Play a Pivotal Role in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a prime role when it comes to drawing your visitors’ attention. Of course, who would not like that! The more traffic that you get, the better are the conversions, and hence most marketers could not realize their strategy without Delhi SEO.

5 Most Important Meta Tags That Play a Pivotal Role in SEO

In such a scenario, link building plays a pivotal role and hence is identified as the single most important strategy out of several others. There is no trick to it, as pointed out by the SEO Company in Delhi, although there are other critical aspects to it as well. The Meta tags incorporated in the webpages decides the future of a website and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Here are the five most important Meta tags that define an important role in SEO as identified by the SEO Company in Delhi.

  1. Title Tags

Meta tags do not allow you to structure your content well. Some of the key points on why things work with Meta tags are as follows:

  • What is your page all about?
  • How can one read your page?
  • Who is your target audience, or who should read it?
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Speaking about the title tag, the title tag is one of the most important tags of all. The title tag acts as the interface between you and your audience and hence could not be ignored. The better the title is, the higher number of clicks or traffic you will get as the title appears in the rankings.

However, churning out great title tags is not as easy as it seems. Here are some of the best practices to guide you along the way.

  • Provide a catchy title to each page that is concise and accurate. This would impress your readers.
  • Keep the titles 50-60 characters long as bigger titles get truncated in the process.
  • Include the keywords first for ease of your audience.
  • Ensure to include brand names in the title.
  1. Meta Description Tags

Although not a significant ranking factor, the meta description is the most critical factor that allows searchers to know and understand what the page contains. On the other hand, great content, along with a great meta description tag, could increase the traffic manifold while decreasing the bounce rate significantly. This thus makes Meta description a principal part of SEO.

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Some of the best practices for writing Meta description tags are as follows:

  • Provide every individual page a unique Meta description that reflects the intent and the value the webpage might provide.
  • Ensure that the character’s limit is between 150-160 characters as per the practices of Google’s snippets.
  • Include the principal keyword in the Meta description. However, avoid keyword stuffing as much as possible.
  1. Heading Tags (H1-H6)

One of the most important roles in content creation is the use of heading tags. These tags are an important figure in the HTML and hence could not be ignored. However, despite the obvious usage, many critics consider the same as a key ranking factor.

A lot of misconceptions breed about the heading tags, while as per Google, tags only play a significant role in structuring the content. However, since everything revolves around content and how crucial content plays a role in backlinking, one could not ignore the importance.

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Some of the principal practices about the heading tags are as follows:

  • Make relatable. Your title should be short and relevant to the content.
  • Do not overuse tags or headings and sub-headings.
  • Avoid overuse of tags and keywords in headings or sub-headings.
  1. Image Alt Attributes

Image alt attribute refers to the condition in which the image has a text associated as a context. The following is useful for onsite optimization and hence could not be ignored as per the advice from the SEO Company in Delhi.

The following is used in two conditions, namely;

  • The alt text is visible to the visitors if the image does not load properly.
  • Alt Text gives search engines a reference as it cannot understand the visual aspect of an image.

The following are helpful in a wide range of aspects. For instance, e-commerce companies cannot thrive without images, and hence they play a pivotal role. On the other hand, Google stresses adding alt text tags as it helps it to understand the contents of the easier. This will also help them rank high.

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Some of the best practices are as follows:

  • Deliver the best results, which are most likely to be shown in the Google images.
  • Make sure to add the attributes where the majority of the content is images.
  • Keep the alt text natural and keyword-rich to a certain extent.
  1. Nofollow Attributes

One of the most common attributes used while promoting a blog or article is the Nofollow attribute. Most articles contain a maximum number of references, and hence pointing out several attributes could be a disaster. In such cases, as pointed by an SEO company in Delhi, nofollow attributes play important characteristics.

Some tips regarding the same are as follows;

  • Do not link to untrusted content.
  • Avoid links from comments or any user-related content should be avoided as it can be spammed a lot.
  • Avoid crawling internal sign in or register links.

Concluding Remarks

The SEO industry is booming like anything, and it is the small businesses that have become conscious of their digital presence. This is where SEO plays an important character as it can be a game-changer for any company.

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