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A Must Know Reason: Should You Host Your Ecommerce Website?

It is good to have your eCommerce website and scale your business online. But do you know that while scaling your online marketplace, you need a reliable web hosting provider? Most website owners believe that without approaching web hosting companies they can easily host websites and gain a profitable outcome. However, host your website with cPanel hosting plans because you can easily manage web files and domains with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Having the control panel in your web hosting operations reduces many technical burdens from your shoulder. Due to this, you can easily focus on your eCommerce business. You can Buy Windows dedicated server from the leading web hosting provider in India that offers reliable dedicated hosting solutions with compelling features and advanced configurations.

Do you have enough expertise and resources to host your eCommerce site? Most website owners think the same and start hosting operations independently. In the initial days, it might sound good to you, but later several technical obstacles they experience. Thus, to help you out different web hosting providers are there like MilesWeb which offers reliable hosting solutions to eCommerce merchants.

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In this post, let us discuss their significance briefly and we will also answer how can you choose the web hosting service to host your eCommerce sites.

Importance of eCommerce Hosting Service Providers

Professional web hosting companies carry years of experience in hosting websites and applications. You can tap their potential and host your website with no technical problems. A high-quality eCommerce hosting package is bundled with special features tailored towards smoothening hosting operations. These features include SSL encryption, help setting up payment gateways, extra security, or scaling during periods of high traffic.

Reliable web hosting providers like MilesWeb offers a good quality of hosting services without charging hefty amounts to clients.  If we talk about MilesWeb, they offer affordable eCommerce hosting services with managed server support, SSL certifications, unlimited bandwidth, enough disk spaces, and other compelling features.

What Kind of Hosting Plans Are Suitable for Your Ecommerce Sites?

We completely understand that this question is continuously revolving in your mind. Thus, we curated this post and in the following section, we will answer which hosting plan is suitable for you. First, read what different hosting plans are available with web hosting providers.

  • Shared hosting: The kind of web hosting service where one single server is shared among different hosting users.
  • VPS hosting: A physical server is further categorized into different virtual servers with independent server resources. It means every virtual server has its CPU, RAM, and SSDs.
  • Dedicated hosting: In this type of hosting service, users get an isolated web hosting environment. In this, there are no server resources shared among different web hosting account users.
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All of the above hosting plans are good but there is no clear answer whether they are perfect hosting plans for hosting eCommerce hosting sites. MilesWeb offers India’s best eCommerce hosting plans with compelling features and amazing configurations that host websites with optimal efficiency and higher performance.

Benefits of Having an eCommerce Hosting Plan

1.      Securing Online Transactions On Sites

The online world seems good but there are several loopholes also that hackers take the advantage of. If you are running an eCommerce site, there are chances you experience fraud transactions report if your site has any loophole. Ecommerce merchants must equip their website with SSL certificates to safeguard your crucial customer data during transit. MilesWeb protects your website from viruses and hackers through different security applications.

MilesWeb offers free SSL certifications with all their eCommerce hosting plans. Because of this, website owners automatically encrypt sensitive data of their consumers in their database. As a result, hackers cannot decrypt this database and make a successful intrusion attempt.

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2.      Making the Shopping Easier

Major eCommerce brands focus on enhancing the shopping experience of consumers. If the website is performing well and the checkout process is easier, customers will prefer that eCommerce brand. Top-quality web hosting providers offer reliable hosting infrastructures with the assurance of guaranteed uptime up to 99.95%. Due to a higher time, accessing eCommerce sites are easier and it will enhance the shopping experience of customers.

3.      Easier for Users with Less Technical Know-Hows

In eCommerce hosting, the hosting company provides a web server, and website design tool, and installs specialized features on your website related to order processing and payment. So, what they are doing is hosting your website and managing them. With MilesWeb’s eCommerce hosting plans, you are making your website ready to be used in the form of visual templates, which you can use to customize and improve your website. They offer a website builder tool. So, even if you have a little technical knowledge, you can build your eCommerce website.

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Hosting eCommerce websites requires a high level of technical proficiency. Don’t host the whole website on your own. Instead, signup for MilesWeb’s eCommerce hosting plans and focus on your business. With them, get 24×7 server support, control panels, and many features.


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