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Top 6 aspects of Technical SEO strategy

Website is considered as the face of the business. Hence it is important to get it responsive as well as fully functional. A well-optimized website showcases the credibility of the company. A good website also helps to fetch the right leads for the business. Delhi SEO is known to be the best process to promote the website in the search engine. In 2021 SEO in Delhi has come with new strategies as well as interactive tools to enhance the ranking in the search engine. Technical SEO involves optimization of the website for effective crawling and indexing on google so that google can deliver the content to you in the right way. There are certain factors of technical SEO one should keep in mind while optimizing the website. Here is the detailed view. 

Check if the site is crawlable

It is of no use to post the quality content of your website that is not crawlable. Hence it is important to check the robots.txt.file. This file is known to be the first call for website crawling when the web crawling software arrives on the site. The robots.txt file helps to outline various parts of the website. It includes allowing and not allowing the behavior of certain user agents. Generally, the robots.txt file is available for the public. You can easily find it by adding the /robots.txt at the end of any root domain. Many SEO experts like recommend working on this factor first. 

Check if the site is indexed

Since the Googlebot crawls the website, it is important to understand if the pages of the websites are indexed or not. You can do this in many ways. You can simply log in to the google search console and look for the status of the page of the website. It can be easily found on the google search console coverage report. Here you can see the errors, valid with warnings, valid and excluded sections. Here you can also analyze specific URLs with the help of URL inspection tools. 

Sitemap Review

One can not underestimate the importance of a structured sitemap when it comes to optimizing your website for SEO in Delhi. XML Sitemap is known as the map of the website to Google as well as other search engines. It helps crawlers to find and rank the website pages. Some of the important elements of sitemap you need to consider. The sitemap should follow the XML sitemap protocol. It should be formatted in an XML document. It should not include the index URL. The sitemap should only include the canonical version of URLs. Apart from this sitemap should include all the pages of the website. 

Check the responsiveness of the website

Most of you must have heard about the recent update of google about mobile-first indexing. It prefers the mobile version of the page to the desktop version for ranking as well as indexing purposes. It helps to keep the users engaging with content. According to a recent survey, 52% of global internet traffic comes through mobile devices. Hence it is important to make your website mobile-friendly. The mobile-friendly test is known as the free tool launched by Google to check if the page is mobile responsive or not. 

Page Speed

Page speed is considered the important ranking factor. Having a fast site helps to rank faster in search engines. One can easily access the site speed with various tools. Some of the recommended ones are Google PageSpeed Insights and google analytics. With Google Analytics, you will be able to see the detailed diagnosis to improve the site speed. Page speed by optimizing the images, fixing bloated javascript, reducing the server requests, ensuring effective caching, and considering using the content delivery network. 

Duplicate Content

Your website content is equally important to rank the website. Hence it is necessary to look at duplicate content as well. Duplicate content is considered a big NO for SEO. Google generally does not like the multiple copies of the information. You can check the duplicate content by using the

These are some of the basics of technical SEO. Working on these factors will certainly help to get started with website optimization.

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