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Basic SEO for Anyone Starting Their Business in Delhi

Delhi is the most populated city when it comes to the state of New Delhi. A good reason for this is because Delhi to St. Paul Area is the third-largest economic centre in the Midwest. So if you are looking for a place in the Midwest to start your business, Delhi is not a bad choice.

SEO for Anyone Starting Their Business

But when it comes to digital marketing, many small businesses do not realize the importance of SEOs. If you want to have an online presence like in Delhi, you will need a Delhi SEO campaign. But if you do not know how SEO works but still wish to, here are some tips for you.

Optimize your website

For your website to be always seen in search results, you should be able to optimize your website on the following criteria:

Load speed:

If your website takes too long to load, your organic traffic will undoubtedly decrease. In fact, according to a report in 2017, the conversion rate will drop by 7% if a site has a 100-millisecond delay in loading time. 

So your website must be able to load in 2 seconds or less. But go for less to the extent possible.

Website Structure:

A beautifully structured website ensures a quality user experience. Pages are set in order of importance, and users can move to pages with ease. 

It is also essential that external links on your site do not lead to error pages. Also, make internal links so your site will be easier to navigate.


Almost everyone in the world has a phone in their pocket and will most likely connect to the internet using it. Half of a website’s traffic will come from mobile phone users.

A mobile-friendly site means it can work on all devices and browsers.

Structured Data:

For your site to communicate correctly to search engines, it needs to have structured data. 

It will help your site in qualifying in the search results. It will also put the pages in your area into categories like products, local business, organization, articles, events, etc.

Keyword optimization:

If your website is optimized for search terms, it will form a niche in the digital space. That is why a website owner needs to put targeted search terms on various pages in their sites, like in their content, descriptions, headings, and titles.

Acquire local visibility

If your business is in a specific locality like a restaurant or a bar, then a local SEO campaign would be an excellent way for you to acquire regional site visitors. If you are stationed in Delhi, then a Delhi SEO style=”font-weight: 400;”> campaign would be perfect.

Make Valuable and Unique Content

Customers are constantly typing a thousand search queries in search engines, and the best way to answer this is by publishing infographics, videos, blog posts. 

If your site visitors like what they see, they will stay longer and share your content to various social media platforms. If it gets alike, Google will receive a positive signal.

Search engines like to push user-preferred content in their search results, so your site will always be on the first page in Google if you can provide unique and valuable content.

When it comes to finding things on the internet, many people will use a search engine like Google. 

SEO will give way for small businesses to connect to a larger audience. That is why making sure that your site is SEO optimized is essential. It leads to getting more customers making your business grow.

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