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Best Digital Marketing Tools to Enhance Your Website Ranking

Digital marketing dynamics and algorithms are rapidly innovating and advancing. Keeping up with market trends is more complicated than ever, and in 2021, marketers need additional tools and resources. And to maintain a competitive digital presence requires marketers to maintain industry-relevant skill sets and embrace innovative technologies.

Back in the old days, digital marketing was all about blogging and content creation with pay-per-click campaigns and paid advertising. The advent of sophisticated strategies, such as keyword research, link building, voice search, and image SEO, transformed marketing dynamics. These strategies help websites win over Google algorithms and enjoy higher rankings. To learn more about such strategies and excel in digital marketing, you can enroll in a digital marketing program.

However, these strategies require extensive research, time, and effort. Luckily, the market is brimming with digital tools and marketing software that streamline activities with automation, analytical insight, and data-driven solutions. Embracing these tools can help reduce your overall marketing spending, usher efficiency and eliminate delays.

Managing social media and website engagement requires heaps of content. In digital marketing, consistency is everything. Keep reading to explore digital tools to help boost your website ranking and authority.

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SEMrush is a popular and widely used SEO software that streamlines digital marketing, link-building, and website improvement initiatives. It is user-friendly and delivers actionable insights and comprehensive metrics to improve website performance. The tool provides an in-depth SEO audit to highlight all errors and mistakes.

It allows marketers to examine and observe search traffic, backlinks, and other metrics to understand user traffic and satisfaction. It also streamlines several time-consuming marketing activities, such as topic research, competitive analysis, and keyword research. You can easily use the free version of this tool to analyze any given website.

You can use this tool to examine the speed automatically and obtain a score that defines your overall user experience. It’s also wise to use a website audit tool to identify and fix technical and SEO mistakes. An auditing tool is a robust investment for small business owners managing all digital marketing campaigns without external support.

You can quickly obtain metrics to understand website traffic, top keywords pulling that traffic, and high-quality backlinks. The most impressive feature is indeed the software’s ability to highlight major organic competitors.

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Google PageSpeed Insights

Did you know that page loading speed has a powerful impact on user experience and overall website impression? If the website takes time to load, the user will likely leave and open a competitor’s website. Fast loading speed is a crucial metric that Google bots examine while ranking sites.

Naturally, websites with higher loading speed enjoy popularity, higher rankings, and user satisfaction. Google PageSpeed Insights is a free digital tool to examine the loading speed and improve it with practical suggestions. If you don’t have the funding to engage a third-party website developer, this tool will help you make improvements yourself.

Small business owners can benefit from this tool by learning from their most successful competitors. The tool also facilitates novices in link-building strategies by offering comprehensive overviews on anchor texts and external links.

Backlink Checker

Link-building is a vital undertaking to boost website rankings and visibility. Curating high-quality backlinks is by far the most challenging and time-consuming effort required for successful link-building campaigns. A backlink checker is a dynamic tool that will make the job easier, more straightforward, and effortless.

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Consider choosing a free backlink checker that will help you identify the top links directing to any given website. It should help you analyze any website URL and show you domain rating scores and top backlinks. How can such a tool help your digital marketing campaign?

Backlink checkers offer an extremely fast and efficient methodology to conduct market research within seconds. You can use it for competitor analysis and examine all the links pointing to your rival’s website. You can evaluate backlinks pointing to popular brands and competitors and pursue the same publishers, editors, or websites. These tools also reveal domain ratings and anchor text.

Be sure to choose a backlink check that offers efficient analysis tools to create a robust and dynamic link-building strategy. Typically, premium versions offer better support and resources to initiate multiple campaigns and track a higher number of keywords.

Keyword Tool

If you’re struggling to afford Google’s Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool is a free alternative to boost your content strategies. Keyword research is the backbone of a robust SEO strategy. Without target keywords, content does not serve any purpose whatsoever. But finding relevant keywords that will drive traffic is a time-consuming and laborious effort.

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Modern-day marketers have access to various tools that facilitate keyword research, but they come with hefty price tags. Keyword Tool is a free resource that offers highly-relevant keyword suggestions for any topic or niche.

You can explore keywords that are most relevant to your desired platform or search engine. Keyword Tool will help you explore the highest-ranking keywords inspired by your primary keyword. This tool generates over 750 keywords for each search query.

Marketers can make country-based and platform-specific keyword searches alongside choosing the relevant language. You can pull keyword suggestions pertinent to Google, Amazon, Facebook, or any other platform. Amazingly, the tool also allows marketers to filter out negative keywords.

Keyword Tool can work wonders for your content creation and digital marketing campaigns. It can boost relevance and make sure you incorporate the precise phrases your customers are using to find you.

XML Sitemaps Generator

Google and other search engines rely on sitemap to intelligently examine and crawl your website. This sitemap allows bots and crawlers to explore all your files and content and extract valuable information. What is a sitemap? It’s a file that contains relevant information about all videos, images, pages, and files published on your website.

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The sitemap records and explains the relationships between web pages and files. A sitemap makes a website highly indexable, supporting easy and effortless navigation. XML Sitemaps Generator will prepare your sitemap readily, without requiring any registration. You will receive your sitemap via email, and you can upload it to your website anytime.

It will help you improve your website ranking by boosting crawlability and navigation.


Marketers popularly use the above-mentioned digital tools to streamline, automate and innovate campaigns and content creation initiatives. As a marketer, it’s hard to keep up with Google’s crawlers and search engine bots without relying on innovative technologies. Search engines are increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning algorithms.

Therefore, it’s vital to embrace tools powered by similar technologies to maintain a competitive digital presence. These tools help reduce effort and time in generating success-oriented digital marketing strategies.


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