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Blog Editorial Plan and How to Set it up

Social channels today are increasingly at the center of attention and there are many digital figures who are establishing themselves in this context, starting with bloggers. Setting up a blog, a real virtual showcase of thoughts and more, must always maintain a human footprint in order to create that emotional bridge useful for communicating with the user . Whether you have to create a blog from scratch or if you already own one, the essential thing is to move wisely to perfect it and – first of all – establish a blog editorial plan, captivating and full of useful ideas for the reader.

It is a precise and detailed guide that summarizes the individual steps to be taken and the objectives to be achieved. So let’s try to understand how to set up a blog editorial plan, putting in order the ideas in relation to its structure and the definition of the contents to be disseminated to a specific target audience.

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However, the concept of an editorial plan must be distinguished from that of a business plan . The first deals with summarizing the key points of the project and supports in the planning and publication of contents according to a calendar. The second, on the other hand, goes to investigate in greater depth what are objectives, missions and strategic lines for the achievement of the various goals. Those who want to use the blog to make lead generation, for example, will create content designed for a certain target and to entice them to a precise conversion.

Content strategy content types and article categories

To define an example blog editorial plan we must first of all make a local mind on the fact that the content strategy must be put at the center. This is not a static element, on the contrary it must be perfected over time both in terms of the tone of voice and in relation to the contents themselves and – above all – to the behavior of users . Planning the editorial line of the blog will also allow you to better define the cost of the individual contents. Their publication must be scheduled by identifying mandatory deadlines.

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But which articles are better to include in a blog? The reference is primarily to cornerstone content – they are the texts that allow users to learn more about their business – and the pillar articles , or pillars of important length that help the blog to position itself and contain many internal links. Without to forget:

  • the case history , that narratives of events and virtuous achievements
  • the guides that enrich the blog with technical content or for beginners
  • news or reviews strictly connected to the reference sector.

Editorial plan for blogs: SMART goals

Blogging can actually be effective if it responds to a simple rule: having SMART goals . What does it mean? Which must be:

  • Specific , i.e. targeting a niche of customers
  • Measurable , that is, the results that separate from the objectives must be measured
  • Achievable , that is, one must strive for real results
  • Timebound , i.e. there must be deadlines that mark the pace of growth over time.
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Obviously, you will also have to set up categories , or identify the thematic areas to deal with the specific blogging activity. We must not exaggerate in the number, but rather focus on quality and synthesis . What are categories for? First of all to guide the user who at first sight knows what to look for and where. They are also useful in the technical organizational phase of the work , plus they allow Google to correctly understand the structure of the blog and to index the categories themselves .

A perfect content strategy must be guided by some key elements: the definition of the type of blog content, which will serve to make the message clear to users, and the focus on the type of communication to adopt (the analysis of the target audience and buyer personas will be useful). In addition, we need to think of a structure , according to which to organize the contents and how users will view them. It will be necessary to focus on the workflow as well , in order to always know who will manage the various activities related to the project, and to define what are the tools to achieve the goals with the blog.

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