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Challenges you face when Outsourcing Software Development

Software development is a quite popular yet complicated process. Despite being one of the fastest-growing fields, developers find it hard to develop quality software as per client’s expectation and within the deadline. In such situations, to avoid this hefty time taking task, many companies find it convenient to Outsource Software Development. Here we are going to discuss what are the difficulties that software developers face daily and what can be the solution. We will also explore options to make the process easier and faster.

Top 5  Challenges and Solutions to Software Development

  1. Self-questioning Biases and Pressure 

Despite being experienced, educated and familiar with the field, 58% of the workers may feel unfamiliarity with the concepts and project guidelines. Developers start feeling it challenging and may start questioning themselves whether they can do the job?

Such reasons can lead to negative thoughts and may result in quitting the job as well. These biases and pressures can discourage the developers.

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For this, a developer  can engage him/herself with the overall development community and avoid isolation.  Developers can attend the industry-level events and network with other developers to enhance their knowledge. Also, to load the high work pressure, the option of outsourcing of software development services can be chosen.

  1. Launch of New Tools and Languages

We all know that software changes are constant. Always new programming languages, tools and best practices keep on launching in the market. Regardless of expertise level, a developer has to be aware of the latest developments and try to stay on top of the product updates. Developers are expected to have a cursory knowledge of multiple technologies and tools just to evaluate various solutions and avoid wrong tool selections for task completion. Though, sometimes be tough.


By continually learning new technologies and tools, you can stay on top. You should have some time to learn and practice that out, do not have any on-hand projects or get free-time.  You can also contribute to open-source projects just to practice the skills.

  1. Balancing Interruptions and Communication

There is usually continuous communication between team leads, other departments, and developers to keep everyone on the same page. Communication is essential, but too much communication can have a detrimental effect on a developer’s productivity. Sometimes the context switching and obviate communication can make it harder to focus on work.

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At the times of coding, try to avoid any distraction and complete the task with full dedication. If you keep on getting or receiving interruptions then signal the coworkers. Whenever “focus mode” is on, you can schedule “no meeting” or “untouchable” days in your calendar.

  1. Multiple Project Management as per Client’s Expectations

Developers have to juggle multiple projects simultaneously. Sometimes it becomes like every client requires your attention and time. Being a developer, you should know where and how you should spend your time to meet deadlines and avoid last-minute crunches.

Often the projects look easier on paper but seem hard when it comes to developing them. Some of the significant difficulties are, integration of other systems, red tape, countless variable handlings like designing problems and handling of unexpected bugs.


Developers should track the amount of time that they spend on any particular task. Some tools like Clockify, Toggl or Kimal help in reviewing and prioritizing the next task from the sprint. Once you know where your time is going, you will be able to manage and allocate your time properly.

  1. Lack of Right Resource as per Requirements

Developers need several resources to develop the right project, and many times they do not get the right resource. Resources may include document specifications, shared knowledge bases, Systems, IDEs, environment access, decent workstation and much more. Absence of required resources may result in delay of project initialization.

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Often requirements and specifications are missing in the documentation. It becomes quite challenging to write the code without specific requirements, and result in a waste of effort and technical debt.


For this just reach out team to know the required essential resources. You can ask your team to allocate the right resource for your project. Keep your team informed about any project related problem. For incomplete requirement declaration, you should review and try to collect it.

Final Words

To battle these challenges and employ the time in company’s development, nowadays companies opt to outsource software development. It does make the process easier and hassle-free. As a software developer, you should also enjoy the process, and the best way is to be honest with yourself. Overcome your fear of failure and try to learn new technologies and tools. Trust yourself to make the right project as per client’s expectations. With the right attitude, you can easily achieve the goals.

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