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Creating a website: how does it work?

If you have never had a website made, it may be difficult to imagine this. To give you a taste, we’ve detailed our design process below.

Developing a strategy

If you want to have a website made, it is important to tell the web designer in detail what you are looking for. That is why we start our design process with an introductory meeting. We sit down together and get to know each other better.

What does your company stand for? What do you want to radiate with your website? Which functionalities do you have in mind? What is your main goal? If possible, we will also take a close look at your current website.

What is going well at the moment, and where is room for improvement? Based on your input, we develop a design strategy: we establish a number of concrete goals, and we look for the best way to achieve those goals.

The website design with Delhi SEO Company website

Time to take action! Based on our design strategy, we make a first draft for the website. We focus on, among other things, the navigation and the functionalities of the site. We also already think about the design. When this first draft is ready, we will present it to you.

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We adjust our design based on your feedback. We will continue with this until you are completely satisfied with our design. Do you give the design the green light? In that case, we proceed to the test phase.

website layout

No matter how beautiful a design is, this is of course only useful if the website also works well in practice. That is why our design is subjected to a series of different tests. Do all functionalities work properly? Do the pages load fast enough? If something doesn’t work as expected, we’ll adjust it until we’re satisfied.

However, we are not the only ones testing the design – your team can also get to work with the design. This way you can judge whether you are satisfied, or whether there are things you would like to see differently. You must learn web development cost before make a website

The dots on the

Does the website look good, and does everything work properly? Then it’s time to fill the website with your content. After all, an empty website is of little use! We put all your texts, images and videos in the right place – from your product photos to your blog articles. Don’t have the right content yet? Or could your current content use a refresher? The experts at Intelligent Online are happy to help you produce high-quality content, possibly with the help of our network of copywriters, photographers and videographers. We immediately make sure that your content is search engine friendly – ​​more about that below.

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The delivery

Is everything perfectly fine? In that case, we deliver the website and start collecting data to be able to optimize the website.

The optimization

Although the website has been completed, that does not mean that our specialists are sitting back. Now that the website is ready, it is important to optimize it as much as possible! We set up your website in such a way that it appears as high as possible in the Google search results . We do this by including relevant keywords in the website content, but also by making your website mobile-friendly, for example. We are also happy to help you with conversion rate optimization. In that case, we set up your website in such a way that it is as attractive and easy as possible to convert .

Together we go for growth

Have you been considering buying a website for a while, but want to avoid looting your bank account? Or have you tried to create a WordPress website yourself, but it didn’t turn out as you expected? At Intelligent Online you can have a WordPress website made in Delhi for an attractive rate. Our experts not only develop a tailor-made website for you, but also help you produce valuable content. You can also count on our help in the field of SEO and conversion optimization . Sounds good? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to tell you more about our WordPress websites.

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what we do

We always talk about growing because our customers often want that too. We don’t just say this. We focus specifically on 3 things and in the following order, next to the steps you see the media channels that belong to it:

Step 1: Generate more customers from your current website activities. (Usability)

Step 2: If everything is right, generate more traffic to your website (SEO & SEA)

Step 3: Retain these visitors and convert them into customers (marketing automation & social media)


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