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Delhi SEO Company – Follow Quality not Quantity

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the procedure of boosting the signals that Google employs in its algorithm so that our pages appear higher and look bigger in the search results more naturally. It includes searching into how people reach and discover your pages on Google and also making sure you have the correct content to address their questions and queries.

It is our job to make sure that we have the proper content in the right places so that Google can interpret it and serve it to the appropriate and relevant people.

It is also the technical challenge of trying to make sure search engines can interpret your webpage. Google has a spider, which operates like a robot and crawls the internet for every single link. We must take care that Google can efficiently scan all of our information. There should be no technical glitches and issues preventing this from happening smoothly.

SEO- Follow quality not quantity

What is content marketing? Why does quality matter the most?

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Let us know why!

Content marketing is defined in a variety of ways, depending on so many aspects. Basically, it’s a method of attracting an audience, delivering information or entertainment in the exact same way they want, and finally stimulating their interest in a service or product by offering timely and valuable content.

Articles, movies, GIFs, photo carousels, web pages, direct email marketing, webinars, and magazines are some of the examples of valuable content. Although content marketing has become much more digital in recent years, it is still older than the internet. This is the reason why quality matters the most. People always look for the things they want and not for the things that are unnecessary.

Whatever form it takes, when it is done correctly, it may help turn your product or service into something more valuable and desirable than just the product itself. It aids in the development of a relationship between you and your target audience, indicating that your brand is trusted and on top of their minds. It mainly depends upon the quality of your content which also determines your relationship with the customers.

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How Frequently Should I Post?

The question is quite difficult, and thus, it requires much attention from the readers.  If you have good material, we believe you should post as frequently as feasible. It’s nowadays more difficult than you believe.  Many people do not have much time to write frequently as they go about their everyday lives.

If you can post once a week, that’s awesome, if not, then try to publish at least once a month. If you’re a larger brand with content production specialists on your side, you should raise the number of postings.


It’s all too simple to start down the wrong path when it comes to writing content for Search Engine optimization. There’s also a common misperception that consistently producing a huge amount of content is the key to pushing your website to the top of Google’s SERP. Somewhere, it’s true that generating lots of content will help your website rank for a range of keywords, but you should avoid prioritizing quantity over quality. QUALITY over QUANTITY, is the key to ranking your content, always remember that.

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For beginners, it implies avoiding publishing pages with thin material. Including relevant media on your webpage is another simple step that has a significant impact on Delhi SEO. Making sure that you are staying on topic within your post is also very essential. Writing about animals in a piece about food items is a surefire way to lose a lot of potential readers.

what you can do to publish quality content for SEO

Here’s what you can do to publish quality content for SEO:

  • Thin Content- Thin pages are the pages with very little content on them. Pages with very low content will never be able to contribute to the ranking algorithm. Not contributing in providing much information on your topic may lead Google to consider it as a bad source. Your readers will bounce from your page immediately. Making sure that your content is long but relevant to your topic is important. Try to stay focused and produce something very entertaining as well as informative.
  • Utilizing Media- People love watching visuals. Including good images in your content contributes a lot in keeping your readers engaged with what they’re reading. But don’t go overboard while attaching visuals. Try to keep them related to your content with a high-quality resolution to maintain their importance. Also, adding a short video works better than a picture. It can help with shares and provide engaging pieces of content to engage with.
  • Finding keywords- When you decide to write on a topic, you must have some keywords selected by you in your planning process. Beyond these key keywords, you also need to find related keywords to try and rank for more than just an important keyword you’ve already selected. Latent Semantic Keywords or LSI are keywords that are almost related to the main keywords you’ve already chosen.
  • Using elected keywords- Make sure that your main keyword comes in the title tag. Google finds it important if you do this and if you don’t, Google will consider it as not important.
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Do not opt for keywords stuffing and going on placing keywords many times in the blog. Your site can be punished for doing so. As mentioned earlier, you can use LSI keywords that are related keywords to avoid unnecessary “keywords stuffing”.

Content is the King and Quality is its savior! Do not forget this while you’re preparing any content for your blog or a website. A good quality content includes, well-informative terms, utilizing media well by adding pictures or videos, layering the selected keywords appropriately, etc. Following the basic principle of SEO, that is, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, you’d begin to see good results on your website.

Hope you get more traffic, higher rankings as a result of your hard works! You’ll definitely see the positive results if you put in the extra effort in researching some of the other algorithms introduced by Google this year.

Getting quality backlinks never comes easy and you may consider contacting a creative media agency for leveling up your website’s performance.

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Above mentioned points in the blog are significant from a website’s perspective.

Disregarding these points can lower down your SEO performance and thereby affect your Google Search Rankings.


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