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Explore Smart Tips for Setting up a Killer Fitness Journey on Instagram to Build Phenomenal Following

The majority of reputed gym chains across the United States have closed their doors for preventing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. It could be pretty challenging to work up a sweat and stay healthy when you are compelled to remain confined to your home.

However, thanks to your Instagram account, now you could still achieve the impossible. We know that fitness studios have recently come up with innovative solutions for keeping you fit and active. They have started recorded digital classes and live-streamed sessions on Instagram and you have the liberty and privilege to start to join from wherever you are.

Wellness warriors are streaming workouts regularly. Moreover, in this highly digitalized era, starting a fitness journey on Instagram seems to be a great way of keeping yourself motivated, tracking your progress, and interacting with other individuals from the health and fitness community.

As per, you have been relying on fitness instructors to get your serotonin boosts whenever you are feeling down and depressed. But during these troubled times due to the fear of COVID-19 pandemic, how can you have access to gyms? Fortunately, numerous fitness trainers are using live streaming on Instagram to help you maintain your fitness regimen as usual.

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If you are keen on starting your personal fitness journey on Instagram, here are some expert tips for you to get started with a bang.


Know Your Instagram Objectives and Goals

You must figure out what you are trying to accomplish by building an Instagram fitness journey. Once you have determined and identified your precise goals or objectives, you could start generating top quality content. While determining your goals, you need to consider going beyond the consideration of getting an impressive follower count, instead identify the kind of incentives or impact you are looking for eventually.

Once you are clear about your specific fitness aspirations, when you know where you are heading, you would be able to identify specific activities to reach there. Here are some common goals for setting up your fitness journey account.

Purpose or Mission: Sharing your fitness journey could help in inspiring and helping others and this could be your main purpose. Maybe at a certain juncture, it seemed impossible for you to lose weight; however, you were motivated enough to start working out religiously and you focused your attention on preparing your special meals. Now you have achieved the fitness level you were once aspiring for thanks to your dedication and determination. You have no idea how many people would be inspired by your success story.

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Sponsorship & Endorsement: In the event, you are a professional athlete and looking for a sponsorship or endorsement, this is the right platform for grabbing the attention of top brands. Ji So-Yun a lady footballer who has just 13,000 followers is being sponsored by Nike. You could very well understand what you could achieve once you start your Instagram fitness journey and build your followers.

Clients: As a fitness expert or experienced personal trainer you could leverage the power and versatility of this marketing platform called Instagram. This could be an amazing social media channel for gaining credibility and grabbing the attention of new clients. We have seen how Sara Vowell, a famous fitness influencer, has been using her Instagram profile for endorsing her online training program and meal plans.

Come Up With a New Instagram Account for Your Fitness Journey

You need to consider creating an account on Instagram for your fitness journey. However, many people create two accounts on Instagram. One account is dedicated to their daily lives and the other specially created for their fitness journey online. It is best to have a separate Instagram account dedicated to your fitness journey for achieving maximum engagement.

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Add Details to Your Instagram Account

You must switch to the Instagram business account once you have created a separate health journey profile. This should be giving you easy access to characteristics your personal Instagram lacks such as cutting-edge features including Instagram ads, analytics, and insights for assisting you in reaching your precise Instagram goals.

Things that your Instagram fitness journey account must have are a profile picture. It is best to utilize a professional logo ideally 180 x 180 pixels. You must have a Bio that seems like a brief trailer demonstrating to visitors who you actually are and precisely what sort of content you would be presenting to them.

While composing the brief and compact bio, be extra conscious and cautious about using the words. Focus on using the right words. Your Instagram profile must include a link to your blog or website. In the event, you do not have a blog or a Website you could consider sharing YouTube videos, eBooks, or other content.

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Share Top Quality Pictures

You must focus on sharing high-resolution pictures and top-quality videos featuring you from various angles. You should use these pictures in before-and-after pictures.

You could share compact videos where you are working out or even experimenting with new fitness equipment or machines for tracking your progress. You could take pictures of your mealtimes.

You could also take pictures of your cool athletic shoes that you use for workout and training sessions.You could use pictures of your hot-favorite protein supplement or pictures of healthy and nourishing meals, or your fitness session under the supervision of a personal trainer.

You must devote quality time to adding top-grade videos and photos of you performing your workouts. Invite others to offer their recommendations and welcome their suggestions. You may request for feedback so that you could get some valuable comments on your post. You could buy Instagram views to boost your followers.

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Flaunt Your Workout Regimen on Instagram

Do not ever make the mistake of posting content about being healthy and fit in your fitness account instead of demonstrating practical techniques of getting fit. You must share your workout videos and recommend your workout regimen or exercise schedules for others to follow on Instagram. We have seen how Kayla Itsines, fitness Instagrammer gained more than one million followers by sharing workout routines and relevant pictures and videos.


Always keep in mind that the fitness journey on Instagram is very much about you. You must aim to enjoy and help others enjoy a fit and healthy life. Obtaining more followers can never be a reflection of your failure or success. You must focus on enjoying your fitness journey and celebrating it.


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