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Free Article Submission Sites List

Check the top free article submission sites list 2021 for backlink, traffic and brand awareness.

After the complete website development, when it goes live one should do the website ON Page SEO, then the next steps are to do Off-Page SEO.

For Search engine optimization – SEO for your website, If you are doing SEO Off-Page for your website then one should create backlinks to achieve search engine ranking.

You must have to do article submission on high DA PA websites. If you want to rank your website on search engine platform like Google or Bing start doing article posting. To rank high in google or bing search result then you must go for article submission on high quality websites.

Article Submission is an off-page method that is used for both creating backlinks and helps in increases website DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

Article submission is the most important technique in Off-Page SEO Activity.

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Free Article Submission Sites List (updated) With High PR

Check the Top Free Article Posting Sites List 2021-2022 for your article submission and generate backlinks for your website.


  1. https://Sylexdigital.com
  2. https://guruwebdevelopers.com
  3. https://Zoobledigital.com
  4. https://biggbull.co.uk
  5. https://xpressdigital.co.uk
  6. https://praplo.co.uk
  7. https://genicsmedia.co.uk
  8. https://primeseoservices.com
  9. https://connectionmedia.co.uk
  10. https://Digitalmarketingbulls.co.uk
  11. https://digitalshiftmedia.co.uk
  12. https://weblymedia.co.uk
  13. https://Digitalmarketingfirm.co.uk
  14. https://silicondigital.co.uk
  15. https://astroakashvani.com
  16. https://bestseocompanycanada.com
  17. https://Aquafreshprime.com
  18. https://Latestmarketplace.com
  19. https://Latestexplore.com
  20. https://astroakashvani.com
  21. https://pizza106.com
  22. https://DelhiSeoCompany.com
  23. https://futuretranic.com
  24. https://novaseoservices.com
  25. https://buzzupsocial.com
  26. https://digitranic.com
  27. https://chillaxdigital.com
  28. https://naxacanada.com
  29. https://gurugenics.com
  30. https://toobiggie.com
  31. https://cleekdigital.com
  32. https://latestretail.com
  33. https://evernote.com/
  34. https://www.kiwibox.com/
  35. https://fikket.com/
  36. https://medium.com/
  37. https://hubpages.com/
  38. https://myarticle.com/
  39. https://github.com/
  40. https://www.ehow.com/
  41. https://ezinearticles.com/
  42. https://www.sooperarticles.com/
  43. https://articles.abilogic.com/
  44. https://www.selfgrowth.com/
  45. https://www.apsense.com/
  46. https://penzu.com/
  47. https://www.techsite.io/
  48. https://storia.me/
  49. https://telegra.ph/
  50. https://www.frontonet.com/
  51. https://topsitenet.com/
  52. https://articlescad.com/
  53. https://www.articles.org/
  54. https://www.articlecube.com/
  55. https://www.nbcnews.com/
  56. https://www.articlesbase.com/
  57. https://www.articlealley.com/
  58. https://www.articlesphere.com/
  59. https://www.articlebiz.com/
  60. https://www.howtoadvice.com/
  61. https://ezinemark.com/
  62. https://www.axs.com/
  63. https://kinja.com/
  64. https://dzone.com/
  65. https://uberarticles.com/
  66. https://www.123articleonline.com/
  67. https://www.streetarticles.com/

Benefits of Free Article Submission Sites

  1. It’s free of cost article posting without paying any amount
  2. Increases the business service or product brand awareness
  3. It helps to rank your website on all search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc.
  4. It helps in website page authority and domain authority
  5. In return, your website will gain quality backlinks
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Tips while doing Article Submission:

  1. Check the website SPAM score before doing the article submission
  2. Check the website Domain Authority and Page Authority score before doing the article submission, always go for websites which are having High DA PA website
  3. Always try to create Do-follow backlinks while doing the article submission
  4. Create and keep a separate content for your article submission

Can Also Use High DA, PA and Do-follow Submission Site:-

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