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How is the HRMS Tool Used for Employee Training

The days of lengthy PowerPoint presentations, rigid schedules for training sessions, and redundant learning material used to train new staff members, are over. The world has shifted to the internet and online training solutions have now revolutionized how companies deploy training to the staff.

With the use of HRMS software tools, HR departments have slowly begun to organize, manage and optimize online training sessions. Earlier, many employees dreaded training sessions and felt the burden of spending long hours at the office for training.

Now, employee satisfaction plays a role in how company training is organized, and with of HRMS, companies can deliver value-driven learning. Employees now have the flexibility to take courses from anywhere, at a time they prefer.

With improved course curriculum, interactive and intuitive interface, and accessibility, online learning addresses all previous concerns of employees and organizations.

How do Companies Leverage HRMS for Employee Training?

The key with online training is to transform and translate information that focuses on targeting people’s specific skills and abilities. These skill sets are honed to meet the organization’s objectives while implementing learning that improves the employee’s development.

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, how can you use the HRMS Software to impart value-driven training? The following features are leveraged by most companies:

  1. Scheduling: When opposed to traditional training courses, employees and administrative personnel can work on easy, flexible schedules that track employee growth, attendance, and performance. This feature is used to schedule the employee’s time as per their needs, trainer availability, and pre-course notifications. Tests can be scheduled and alerts are automated, with reminders to ensure employees never miss a test or live session. Employees can also use scheduling features to plan out their training charter, depending on when they are free and motivated to learn non-live material.
  2. Delivery and maintenance of learning modules: eLearning allows course modules to be uploaded permanently, which can be accessed 24/7 from any device, and any location by the employees. Depending on the access level you are granted, the course materials will stay on the app and employees can use it to study in their own free time. The modules will not be deleted unless the person with the right access manually deletes them.
  3. Evaluation: The HRMS software can be used to automate tracking and evaluation of an employee’s performance during training. This can help HR employees identify employee needs, set training objectives, post-training questionnaires or assignments, and skill tests, all coordinated by the software.
  4. Individual records: Individual records, progress reports, and test results are maintained for as long as deemed necessary by HR, along with any surveys, grievances, or feedback forms an employee may have filled. HR can use this report to ensure employee satisfaction, impart the right training depending on employee needs, and use feedback forms to better their training courses. Access to this is restricted, only senior members can access these files.
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Essentially, a good HRMS software can allow the training administrator to:

  • Identify the training needs of individual employees
  • Managers can easily recommend customized training according to automated reports.
  • Employees can access training modules and opt for training when they are ready.
  • Managers can upload pre-recorded or custom-made teaching videos that employees can access as a lecture is ongoing. This includes any documents, files, photos, or other content uploaded by the trainer.
  • Calendars allow employees to plan their training hours and are alerted of any tests and live classes.

Good HRMS Software and its multiple tools have changed the way corporate companies impart training for their employees, with employee satisfaction and development held as the main objective!


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