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How to Build Links Using Q&A Sites?

Link building is a pivotal SEO process and it can’t be ignored for better rankings and site reputation. There are several methods by which you can make a lot of high-quality links. Among those, one popular way of generating links is using Q&A sites. These websites are the goldmine for building links and the good thing is you can target your all-important keywords. If you are also new to this method, this post will be helpful for you, so, let’s get started.

Before getting into the actual ways, first, know which are the most popular Q&A websites that you can use for building backlinks. Popularly there are three to four platforms that are highly effective and have a ton and tons of opportunities.

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Answers
  • Answerbag

As there are many other platforms also, but these four are widely used and the user base of these sites is also in millions. Also, these activities contains in SEO Packages. So there are good chances of driving significant traffic to your site.

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Do a comprehensive keyword research

The first step for building comprehensive and in-depth links is to perform detailed keyword research for your answers.

You can use any freely available keyword research tool to check which are more broad queries that the audience is searching. This will help you in strengthening your answer by focusing on the main keyword.

You can add the Q&A site to the keyword research tool and have a better perspective of how to reach your target audience using long-tail keywords.

Using this technique, you will find more questions to answer and present your content in multiple queries. This will reduce your efforts in searching more questions for your main keyword.

Also, you can use an SEO tool to scan these Q&A sites and check which answers are ranking for your target keyword. Once you figure out those questions that are ranking on the first page for your keywords, start answering those questions first.

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Having a content strategy is important

Most of the content marketers leave a lot of money on the table by not preparing an effective content strategy for the Q&A sites. They find the questions, drop their link by creating content of 3-4 lines. But this technique is incomplete and will not drive significant traffic.

After you complete your keyword research work, sit down, and start preparing a full-fledged content strategy. Create different groups and allot keywords for each group.

After this, start searching for questions that are either ranking on the first page or are appearing in the rich snippets. This is how you will rank your content and build traffic-driving links.

Preparing a content calendar specifically for Q&A sites will make your work a lot easier and keep your team aligned with the goals. So, instead of pushing content randomly, go with a strategy and rule on these sites like a pro.

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Find for people who can collaborate

This is a unique and advanced link building technique for Q&A sites. In this strategy, you can find people of the same interest who have a higher following than you and posting the same niche content. The main idea is to outreach them for content collaboration and build high-quality links.

If a contributor is regularly posting content on sites like Quora, it’s pretty obvious that they will have a blog or a website. Ask them if you can post a blog on their website that will add more value to their readers. If they agree, you will have a very good opportunity for a permanent backlink from a website.

These were the top three advanced ways of building high-quality links from the Q&A sites that can drive substantial traffic to your site and improve your rankings. Get started with a reliable SEO Company in Delhi, India!


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