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How to earn money online India in 2021

This article is about how to earn money online India in 2021. Basically, people want to earn money without doing any hectic work. They just want a simple way that how can they easily get money. We all know that nowadays people are worried about the current COVID-19 situation. They disturbed about their jobs permit because almost all the businesses, markets are closed. Due to these circumstances, they are in a stressful situation. The only purpose of them is to earn money by using different techniques.

But the major problem is that they don’t know how to earn online, which techniques they can use to make a profit. So, you don’t need to worry about all these problems. We are here to provide a solution to all your issues. This article will provide you a complete detail, how you can earn money easily with a little effort. There are some ways through which you can make money:

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Although there are many other ways through which you can earn money easily in India in 2021. These are the trendy techniques or skills which can make money for you with much ease. All these ways which are reference above require some kind of skill. So let’s discuss all these skills one by one:

How to Earn Money Online in India - How to earn money online India in 2021


Freelancing is the most common and popular way to earn online money in India or all over the world. I think in this modern world most of the people will know about this freelancing term and especially the students will well familiar with the freelance network. So basically freelance is a person who can earn money online by using single or multiple platforms because there are a lot of paths or platforms through which we can easily earn by using our developed skills.

In a freelancing environment, people can do any type of work. For instance, they can design websites using WordPress or also using other tools, can do Graphic Designing work making different logos, banners, also make films, clips or videos using multiple software, can also help others to solve specific problems and there are a lot of services which a freelance can provide to it’s the user. An individual can use the different platforms to earn online.

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Freelancing Platforms:

  • Upwork
    • Upwork is a top-rated platform through which you can earn money online, you just need to make your account that is free of cost and complete your profile carefully. It is a much better platform if you want to get good and authentic work. This platform will review your account. After reviewing it will inform you that your account has been approved and also tell you about the jobs which will match your mentioned skills.
  • Fiverr
    • Fiverr is also the most best-selling platform for you to earn money online. In fact, most students use this platform and have earned a lot of money. Here you just need to make your account which is also free of cost, you need no money to create an account on Fiverr. You can check your gig by taking a look at impressions or clicks etc. If the client will like your service then he or she will hire you.
  • Freelancer
    • Freelancer is a popular and common platform for you to earn online. You just have to make your portfolio on it and provide a payment system that you will use also add some of your credit or debit card details in order to receive payment or you can use PayPal as well. You need to bid on projects to get work on it.
  • People Per Hour
    • People Per Hour is another site where you can earn money online in India. By using this platform, you can also get a job related to your skills and charge clients by your per hour rate. Make a profile on it and start earning from home right now. You can get designing work or any work according to your choice which you prefer.
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Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a term that consists of advertising, promoting, and creating the online presence of businesses by using different digital platforms. It includes websites, social media, and various other platforms where you can easily earn money online. Now you’ll be thinking that how you can earn money through digital marketing.

It’s not difficult for you to make money you just have to give your proper time and efforts, it takes time to earn good money through digital marketing. You should be aware of some necessary techniques if you are planning to open your own digital marketing marketplace. For that, the following things you must be considered:

  • You Must have relevant skills if you want to open your own digital marketplace.
  • You should have knowledge about advertising on different social platforms.
  • Endeavor to Approach some brands and try to convince them. If they agree that you can advertise their brand on social media then there is a way, you can start earning now.
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Services Marketing | People Technology Strategy | Eighth Edition | By Pearson(Opens in a new browser tab)


Blogging is the best and easiest way for you to earn money online in the world. Especially, for the students who want to make money, they can easily do this job. For writing a block you just have good writing skills but in easy form. You can write your own blog or you can write the contents for other websites or blogs and can easily earn money by using both ways, it depends on you which better suit your personality.

You can write a blog about anything like news, the environment, tourist sites, or anything else. It just needs good or ranking material. It’s not hard for you but one thing you just keep in your mind that you must not copy-paste the other content.

If you want to write your own blog then there are many websites available for you where you can write your content. For instance, WordPress site, you just need to create your account, get sign in and start writing your own blog. How fast you can earn money, it totally depends on you, If you have good writing power and you are determinant to your work then no one can defeat you, this entire market wait for you, come and win it. There are also many other sites for you where you can write your content:

  • Squideo
  • Hubpages
  • Ehow
  • About

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Academic Writing:

Academic Writing is also one of the best ways to earn money online in India. Because mostly students from all over the world hire people to do their assignments or projects work and pay a good amount for that. So, question is, How can you get work and which platform you should use, So, the answer is very simple. You can get academic work from the freelance websites mentioned earlier in the article.

You can do this job with much ease, because, you know how to complete assignments or projects as you have already done this type of job in your college or university as part of your studies. Therefore, It’s not difficult for you to get some time for it. Infect, it’s a good way to help people by solving their specific problems. Academic writing work is also good for students because there are opportunities for them to learn new things and get paid for them.

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YouTube is very easiest and common way to earn money online because everyone know about YouTube and also know how to use it. So you can make money here by creating your own channel and posting different videos on it.

You can make videos about giving some instructions about a specific product or thing or you can also make videos about cooking, traveling, nature, makeup, or anything because they’re a lot of things about which you can create your own channel. For earning purposes, you just need 1000 views and more subscribers then you can simply start earning. I think it is the simplest route to make money.

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Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is one of the best ways to earn money online in India. This skill is very easy for you to learn and most important this field is very interesting. In this market, you should learn about how to create logos, banners, flyers, posters.

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You can use different software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or more and this software is free of cost, you don’t need to pay for them, you can install them on laptops or PCs. This is a broad field where there are many jobs that exist for you and you can easily win your place.

Now, the question is how you can learn this skill. So don’t worry we are here to properly guide you, you can take some courses or online classes or one other simplest way by watching YouTube tutorials. One thing makes sure that you should develop your interest in this field. Graphic designing is a well-paid job. Use any freelance website mentioned above and get from potential international clients. You can also advertise your work on different social media platforms to get work.

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