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How to Optimize your Visual Website Content

Optimizing your content to make it land on the first few spots on the SERP is the race many of us would be familiar with. Because the war is not just making it to the consumer’s minds. Nowadays the struggle is to keep on top of all the competitors. Because there is so much noise, that it becomes hard to make your brand’s voice heard. Plus, thanks to the deals that Spectrum Silver Package so reasonably has to offer. Everyone now has access to the Internet and TV that makes the competition fiercer.

Therefore, today’s blog will teach you about ways to optimize your content for a visual website. 


Appropriate Alt Tags

People often wonder about ways that they will optimize a website that is loaded with visual content. And rightfully so. Because they are left wondering as to where would they possibly insert the keywords to rank themselves better? 

This common confusion exists in the minds of many. However, what some people are unaware of is the existence of alt tags. It is true that the search engines cannot process images in the way that human brains do. Instead, they rely on alt tags. Therefore, you should include alt tags for all the images that you add to your website. And the text that you draft for the alt tags should also include the keyword(s). However, make sure to add the relevant text and the keywords. That being said, you should also not use alt tags as a means to stuff keywords on your page. Because if Google catches the ‘stuffing’ of keywords, you will only suffer.

Title Tags

You should also incorporate title tags under your images. Many people get confused between alt tags and title tags. The difference between the two is that an alt tag takes the place of an image if it is unable to display or load. In contrast, a title tag is what you see above or under an image. It gives a description of the image. These tags pop up when you will move your mouse over an image. Because of this, you do not need to overload your title tag with keywords as well. 

Minimize the Size of Images

One of the Google algorithms states that the page loading time should not be more than 3-5 seconds. If your website’s page fails to load within that time, the chances that you will lose potential customers are very high. Moreover, Google won’t rank you well either. There are many reasons for a page to have delays when loading. One of the major reasons is over-sized images. Because images take time to load, over-sized images only add to the problem. You might wish to add high-quality and clear images on your website. But you should also remember that the size of the image matters a lot. Therefore, try to keep it to a minimum. In this way, you will be able to add more images while not compromising on the page loading time either. However, do not go overboard with the addition of images as well. 

Consider Different Formats

If you save the images on your laptops or desktops, you might have noticed that you get options for the formats you want to save a particular image in. You might think that the format of a picture on the website does not matter. When in reality it does. The visitors on your website care about the format of your images. The various formats that you get to choose from include jpeg, gif, and png, etc. The reason why the format matters are the same as to why you need to minimize the size of your images. Various formats mean you can upload images in different sizes. This will help your website’s page to upload much faster. Therefore, you need to decide about the number of images that you will upload in one format and the other. 

Add Descriptive Text with Infographics

Infographics are shared the most amongst all types of content. Therefore, you should take the opportunity to add descriptive text with the infographics. You should add keywords to this text as well. This will help your page to rank well. 

Keep these tips in mind when designing and adding content to your website’s page. Because the chances that a client will blame his Internet connection for inconveniences are low. Because the availability of services like Spectrum Internet Bundle gives access to blazing speed Internet to the people. Therefore, you need to up your content game. 


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