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How Your Site Speed Could Be Letting You Down In 2020

In today’s fast-moving world every user of the web is in a hurry to fetch required data asap and move onto the next task. That is why it becomes important for all the site developers to successfully move onto a high-speed server so that their site can provide good speed and available for quick access by its users. You can check any successful site on the internet their run time speed will be always very good. The server would not be going to take time to transfer you on another page of the site after clicking on the desired link except your internet speed is low.

Lots of new bloggers do this type of silly mistake and they will not pay attention to the importance of making a high-speed site. Below into this article, we are going to tell you about the disadvantages you must face in case you failed in maintaining a high-speed server site.

  1. Loss of traffic: – No one wants to wait for the opening site for getting their required result or information. In case a user land on your site and it tools time in the opening then the user will go back and start looking for a different site. This results in a loss of traffic.
  2. Webmaster Error: – Every blogger knows about the importance of their website webmaster. In case your site took time in loading the page then your error count in webmaster would going to be increased and that will be going to result as the failure of the site.
  3. URL Ranking: – In case your site URL would not be performing well then you would see that in no time your URL ranking on search engines will be going on the downside. If this happens then again you would be going to lose a lot of traffic.
  4. Money Loss: – See the reason behind making a website mainly making money from that. Yes, some bloggers do a blog for spreading information and awareness. Now, whatever is your reason behind making the website. In case your site speed will be low while accessing it. Then you will be losing traffic, and, in this scenario, you would neither going to make the money or also would be failed in spreading awareness.
  5. Site Reputation Damage:- See if you are willing to make a successful website then you have to make sure that your users feel confident while visiting your website and it has to be good so that new visitors feel confident about the website and they can come to visit onto this site onto the regular basis. Now when they visit your site and found loading error then it will be not good for the reputation of your site.
  6. Low Chances of Success: – All the bloggers start making websites for becoming successful via their site and earn name and fame along with huge money. Now, when they do the beginning of making their site then usually all of they are very much motivated but in case less awareness about the importance of site speed, slowly their focus goes down and they start thinking that might be possible that they will go to fail in making their site. Yes, friends usually it is not that easy to make a site and convert it into a successful one. So, we want you to make sure your site speed always maintains in good condition. One can check their website site from this URL – developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/.
  7. Low Conversion Rates: – In case your site would not be work on a good speed then your site would be going to result in as low conversion rates. This is very bad for especially sites like e-commerce or those who are promoting products of others on their sites. As it will directly result as loss in business.
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Conclusion: – A good site speed is very much important, and you must have to do all the needful things for improving your website speed. For example, use the original or purchased themes for a website, always clear error logs and caches of website. Keep checking is your site images in optimizing properly or not, hire an agency for content optimization and SEO help. All this stuff would be going to help you in improving the speed of your website.

In case you have any queries or questions that belong to the website speed then feel free to contact us. We would love to respond to your query.


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