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Instagram stories best practices

A common thing you can find on everyone’s Instagram profile is the stories. It is a feature designed for short-life content that remains visible for 24 hours. Stories are a special feature that automatically catches people’s attention. Both individuals and businesses use stories to show their personalities casually. If you are looking for ideas on what to post on stories, here we share some best practices for Instagram stories. Let’s explore.

Ask questions and run polls

Stories are great for growing new engagement for sure. However, you can use the feature more productively by asking questions and running polls. If you work on a particular niche or topic, you should understand how people are accepting you. You can simply ask or run a poll to gather peoples’ feedback about your activities. This is a widely used strategy by digital marketers. When you accurately know if people like your products, topics, and activities, it explores several ways of improvement. Besides, using stories in such ways make people like you more because you are taking their feedback seriously.

Go live

The live session is one of the best advantages of IG stories. It allows you to go live instantly so that you can broadcast an event in real-time. Stories also allow direct users’ interaction. You can receive live questions from the audience and answer them in real-time. Using stories for Live is highly suggested for Organic boost for Instagram. Moreover, it assists in building a long-term relationship with the audience. If you want the best outcome through live sessions, you be well prepared and define the purpose of the program before starting.

Share UGCs

If you are a brand, you should leave the place sometimes audience to talk about you. User-generated content is an effective promotional strategy that many brands use secretly. UGCs build more trustworthiness than companies’ paid campaigns. Besides, it creates a strong bonding between you and the audience. There are several things to consider, you should be careful while posting a UGC on your stories. For instance, never forget to mention or credit the authentic sources. You should also tag the person’s username during posting. Moreover, a short thank you note will always be a great memory for him.

Post short tutorial

Do you have something to share that people would like to learn? Instagram stories are a great place to post mini-tutorials. You can shoot a short tutorial of something that shows the step-by-step procedure. For example, if you are a fitness trainer, you can should a bite-size video on perfect pushup and share it on stories. Studies have found that the approach is more engaging than long blog posts or usual videos.

Track performance

After a few posts, you should track which one did great. Tracking is essential to know where you put more focus. It is a steady process. When you can identify the best format of content IG stories, you can have the maximum outcome by creating content accordingly.

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