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5 Simple ways for Amateurs to Learn SEO Skills

In today’s internet driven world, online marketing has become an unavoidable proposition for most companies. In the wake of this pertinent fact, SEO skill-sets have assumed critical importance during the last one decade or so. Its significance in future will only increase further as internet is expected to continue with its unbridled and unrestrained growth in the coming years. Therefore, not surprisingly, today there exists a great curiosity about SEO and this curiosity is palpably greater when it comes to learning SEO skill-sets. Today scores of young job seekers and career oriented people are earnestly looking for simple ways to learn and update SEO skills. These people generally come in the category of amateurs, who don’t have an iota of knowledge either about SEO or digital marketing.

Catering to such amateurs, this article will shed light on top five simple ways to learn SEO skills. If the below discussed ways and methods are followed diligently and passionately then you’re well on your way to become an SEO pro.

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What really is SEO?

Since this article is catering at amateurs, it makes more than sense to define and unravel the meaning of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It essentially refers to long drawn process or list of best practice that helps in increasing website’s overall visibility across all leading search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo so and so forth. A website’s better visibility across all search engines generally leads to improvement in traffic and good promotion of products and services. This obviously bodes well for the commercial prospects of companies.

Five simple ways & hacks to learn SEO skills (strictly for beginners & amateurs)  

1)  Regularly read SEO blogs & articles: Today there is plethora of information about SEO swirling across scores of blogs and websites on internet. Most of these blogs and websites that we’re referring here are completely dedicated to SEO and digital marketing and therefore they can be described as the goldmine of SEO knowledge. Owing to the incredible amount of SEO knowledge one finds at these blogs and websites, they are supposedly among the best place to start your SEO journey. More so, because these websites and blogs are freely available as most of them don’t charge any subscription fees at all. But where does one finds these SEO dedicated websites and blogs,

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Although a simple Google search can easily resolve your problem, we still thought that preparing brief list will be of great help for all our readers.  So below is the list of some of the most sought after SEO blogs and websites:

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Land
  • Semrush Blog
  • Ahrefs Blog
  • SEO by the Sea
  • Search Engine Roundtable
  • GotchSEO

2)  Try out Free SEO tools:  Becoming a successful SEO pro is nearly impossible unless you know the tricks and hacks to leverage the several important SEO tools. Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestics and SEO MOZ are among the few sought after tools in the SEO industry. These tools come with all the necessary features that puts you ahead in the SEO game. Although these tools are bit expensive, they also come with a free version packed with limited features. Amateurs should surely cash on free version of these tools as much as they can. Some basic SEO knowledge will surely help you to seamlessly use these tools. That said, don’t worry about the mistakes and hurdles that might creep up while trying to get acquainted with these tools. All these are a part of the learning curve.

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3) Enroll for SEO & Digital Marketing Courses: Enrolling for SEO and digital marketing course is probably one of the easiest way to imbibe and learn SEO skill sets. For all those who don’t know SEO is considered to be part of the digital marketing process. Coming back to the courses then today there are plethora of online courses available on the internet, be it diploma in digital marketing or crash course in SEO. A good online or even offline course can teach you much more than the basic fundamentals of SEO and digital marketing. Please note above we’ve deliberately stressed on good courses, implying that enrolling in SEO and digital marketing courses make sense only when it is really worth it. The one thing that needs to be thoroughly ensured is that the course is indeed taught by people who are veterans and experienced in the SEO & digital marketing industry.

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4)  Join SEO groups and follow best known SEO professionals on Social Media: Today the social media world is littered with SEO groups and forums. These groups and forums literally doubles up as a knowledge hub where SEO enthusiasts get to learn about the latest trends, outdated practices and every SEO topic that is worth knowing about under the sun. While these forums can really add up to your SEO knowledge, following the popular SEO gurus and industry veterans on social media is equally a good strategy. These gurus and veterans are known for sharing wisdom and deep-insight from the SEO industry especially on their Twitter and LinkedIn. To sum it up, you should not leave any stone unturn in leveraging the social media platform for adding up to your SEO knowledge.                    

5) Launch your own blog: All your theoretical knowledge will add up to nothing unless you have the practical know-how about ranking a website in a search engine. Launching your own blog will allow you to test your theoretical knowledge in the practical world. Mind you, launching your own blog and trying to rank it on a website will be challenging as well as exhilarating process. Exhilarating because nothing will give you more confidence then seeing your own website in Google’s number one page. This new found confidence will eventually become your launch pad that will help you to launch your career in the SEO industry.

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