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List of Common SEO Terms : By Delhi SEO Experts

General Terms In SEO you need to know is very much at all because it is widely SEO, especially if you are new to blogging and SEO. If you are still very new, to understand the discussion below, you should read each section one by one so that you no confusion later.

Complete List of Common Terms In SEO

Terms In Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of searching for the right keywords to target is to have a high search with as low as possible. Keyword Research is the earliest part of SEO and can greatly affect the outcome of your rank will be. If you pick up medium competition keywords but your blog is still relatively new, this is a very big mistake. This will result in opportunities your blog rank high in Search Engines because almost no competition is too strong.

  1. Keyword Planner is a tool owned by Google which helps us to do keyword research
  2. Competitors are our competitors in pursuit of targeted keywords
  3. Exact match keyword types are the type of search that will display the existing keywords in the title without adding another keyword, these results are the most relevant and frequently used by bloggers to research keywords.
  4. Is the number of monthly searches per month on a keyword search

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In terms of SEO Offpage

  • Dofollow is the kind of links that point it will be forwarded by the google page to which it refers.
  • Nofollow is the opposite of dofollow, google is not going to pass on the page points to the referenced page. Recommended: Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow Basic SEO
  • Link Building is the process of building backlinks that will be directed to your blog
  • A backlink is a term in which the links or links from other blogs that point to our blog.
  • The footprint is a footnote that you enter a search query into Google to find blogs to be a place to grow backlinks.
  • Keyword or keywords are the keywords are emphasized in a page.
  • Outbound links are links out there on a page to another page. In search of backlinks, you should plant a backlink in low outbound links.
  • Social Bookmark is a site that allows us to publish our article.
  • Blog Comment backlinks are searching for techniques with on other people’s sites.
  • One Way Backlinks are one-way backlinks like doing backlinks from blog comments.
  • Link baiting is a backlink that we can be free as there are bloggers who voluntarily put our link on his blog.

In terms of SEO On-page

  1. Title Tag is the code that governs the display page title in the browser tab section, this code is usually placed under the code <head>.
  2. Crawl is the google to crawl a site, the more frequent these sites in crawled by google, then the better the blog on google’s eyes.
  3. Meta Description is a meta-sentence description that displays text on a google search page.
  4. Relevance is the degree of similarity of a relevant or specified by the google site as a determinant of the Search Engine rankings.
  5. There is a permalink URL after URL homepage, for example,, blue is the permalink.
  6. Heading tags are tagging the text to tell this text is important, more important, less important, and so on.
  7. Bold is a bold print text keyword optimized.
  8. Alt tag is given in the figure to tell google the name of an image because Google itself can not crawl images.
  9. Long Tail Keywords are keywords that serve so long it easier to rank high on google because the level of competition is much less.

In terms of SEO Blackhat

  • Hidden text is a technique to hide the actual link, its color will usually be equated with the background color.
  • Cloaking is a technique to make search engines display results that are not the same or different from the results seen by the reader or visitor mocospace login. This technique is the most severe punishment if known by Google, which is deindexed.
  • The stacking keyword is put a lot of keywords on the page so that the keywords can be digested by google search engine.
  • Link spam is to plant a backlink in any place, including BlackHat because according to google would reduce the convenience of a web page.

The term SEO in the Google Algorithm

  • Sandbox is the time required to search for a site to google his trust back because it has lost the trust and disappeared from google index pages.
  • Honeymoon is the term used to describe a website that can instantly be on page one of google in a while, and if it is not optimized properly, its position could be changed.
  • Google Penguin algorithm that is designed to address and attack the web-web spam as hidden text, cloaking, keywords buildup, and others.
  • Google Panda is an algorithm that attacks the web-web with such poor quality plagiarized article, the article is not qualified, and others.
  • So that’s some SEO common terms that you should know, hopefully, this short article for you.

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