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Local SEO Delhi: The ultimate guide for small businesses

“Search Engine Optimization,” is the word that rules the digital space. Infact SEO is the key that defines the digital presence of any business. The fact that SEO has the power to make businesses brand, small businesses have realized that to grow, they have to embrace SEO. So, if you are a small business looking for turning a brand, you need to first embrace local SEO Delhi.

So what exactly is local SEO Delhi???

For small businesses, though the digital world opens abundant opportunities making global markets accessible, it is to be remembered that the journey of success starts winning the local market. That’s exactly what local SEO Delhi helps you to do. 

In other words, local SEO Delhi focuses on making your business visible to your immediate surroundings. 

So what comprises local SEO Delhi for small business:

  1. Google My Business is the maiden step: The first, effective and simple yet effective step is to list yourself in Google My business. The listing is free and simple. Considering that Google is the first thing that anyone looks to for any search, listing with Google my business opens door to your local SEO Delhi. Listing in Google my business calls for filling in the listing form with all the information i.e. your address, business type, operating hours, offers and deliveries and more. 
  2. Find and list: No doubt that google is the biggest search engine, but the virtual world also has various other listing directories that are location specific. Find them and list yourself there as well. 
  3. Know the local keywords: SEO and keywords are inseparable. When you are conducting your keyword research, pay due attention to local keywords as well. This is necessary to understand your local customers and cater to them accordingly. 
  4. Care for customer reviews: Despite all the marketing techniques, the one thing that remains the same all these years is the buyer’s mindset. In other words, while buying, a buyer looks for what other buyers have to say about the product/service. Therefore, aim to get reviews. Share them on all your digital presence. 
  5. The website does wonder: The first place that visitors/customers know about you in detail is the website. It is that destination that pops up first when someone searches for any info related to your business and if you are in the top 10 list of google search. Therefore, how and what your website is all about is what makes a difference. An engaging and attractive website with all the technical essentials like a clear understanding URL, an explaining Title Tag and a crisp informative meta description are some key engaging elements. These things are basics that have a great impact on your website visits and conversions.  
  6. Create a social media presence: Once you have a well-designed website with a good design, well-written content and all the on-page optimization plug ins, it’s time for your social media presence. Create your social media presence by being present on all popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. Create quality content that would be shared on all your social media platforms, that would not only attract users, increasing organic traffic but would also help you engage and interact with them. Run interesting campaigns and offers for social media. Look for local content. In other words, understand and identify the local pulse. What are your locales like, their interests, their background, their emotional touchpoints and more. This information will help you create local SEO Delhi content which will not only bring you up on the search but will also help you strike a chord with the local people. 
  7. Aim for backlinks: You are new to the market or aiming to expand, the fact remains that backlinks help you reach out to customers, increase brand credibility and grow customers. Wondering how???? Backlinks are nothing but third party mentions which results to making your brand visible to that third party’s already existing visitors/followers. This results in identifying visitors who are actually interested in your product/service.
  8. Be mobile friendly: These days, life revolves around smartphones. Therefore, you should ensure that all of your digital presence is equally accessible from mobile without any technical glitches. This calls for designing your website which is mobile friendly too.
  9. Be true: last but definitely the crux of all your SEO strategy is, be true to your business and project yourself transparently. Honesty sells. As you understand what your competitors are doing, don’t try to ape them. Understand the basics of local SEO Delhi and give them your personal touch. Speak of your business as it is, and the audience would love you. 

With these key pointers forming your SEO strategy, you can be assured of a niche local SEO Delhi presence. However, if you feel, that you understand it, but need an expert to take charge as you focus on your business, you can as well hire an SEO agency

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