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Page Authority vs. Domain Authority – Which one has more value?

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Are you curious to learn about the SEO strategies to boost a site? If so, you should know the basics of domain and page authority. Today, many people don’t understand the importance of domain authority and page authority. That is the reason why they face issues when Google algorithms revolve. In general. Domain and Page authority is a score that tells you how well a site is ranking and what errors it is facing.

If you are a website owner, you should learn the difference between both and the basics of calculating it regularly. Here in this post, we will discuss domain versus page authority in detail and tell you which one has more value. Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA) are a couple of metrics generated by Moz, an SEO tools provider. You can learn more about these two metrics without stretching the points. Let’s get straight into the flow of information.

What is Domain Authority?

So, it is time to know both terms separately. First, we will discuss domain authority which is about your website’s overall score. Moz has developed a strategy of evaluating sites on a scale ranging from 1-100. The greater the score/number, the more possible it is for your website to rank higher.

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If users wish to check their Domain Authority (DA) score, they can check it by using an online domain authority checker.

Many business holders recognize this as an essential metric. However, it’s crucial to note that Google does not see Domain Authority as an element. The search engine colossus does not utilize this in its algorithm. But domain authority can let you know whether or not your website will rank higher on SERPs.

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority generally known as PA is a score that gets in and created by marketing analytics company Moz. The reason why it is here is to show where a particular page will rank on SERPs. Page authority (PA) is diverse from domain authority, which covers the performance score of the whole website. You can determine Page Authority using a 100-point logarithmic system. It is similar to DA – the higher the PA score, the more comfortable it is for a web page to rank.

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Page authority (PA) is also a related metric, which lets a website learn how it is working with its competitors. It is all well and best to fill your web page with links. Here you can take the example of Wikipedia. You have to ensure that all the links you add must be relevant to your content and add value. It will help you rank higher and increase your DA PA score.

Page Authority Vs. Domain Authority

So, now, it is time to know the highlighted differences between Domain Authority and Page Authority. Well, it is simple to compare as we have already learned their basics. Page authority measures the ability of your overall pages. It determines how the content and SEO of a particular web page is running. Also, it will help you know the performance of the organic traffic that is revolving around. Page authority will help you learn everything about your web pages in short.

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On the other hand, the domain authority will tell you about your website’s overall rankings. Domain Authority is not only about what you are gaining. But it is about what you are losing. If the metrics show you the number ranges from 10-20, your site is average. On the other hand, if it goes above – your site will start reaching higher rankings. You can check da pa of a website by using online da pa checker tools. These tools can help you to determine the domain authority and page authority of a website.

Determining Domain Vs. Page Authority: Which one has more Value?

After digging deeper into domain authority, we have realized that it is better over the long term. And giving after enough time will get you more organic traffic. Consequently, domain authority requires at least some part of your focus. When you start focusing solely on one page, and one page only will choke your SEO growth. And as a result, your site will start ranking higher.

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The reverse scenario, optimizing only for domain authority (DA) and not page authority (PA), is a possible long-term strategy. It is a focus on developing your brand directly. The web pages that stand out will grab more links & authority on their own. In the end, you will suffer no short-time results for not giving extra boosts to those particular pages.

The Bottom Line

So, this is what you should know about Domain and Page Authority. One thing you should know is that both of these metrics are crucial. However, to lead ahead in the game, you should ensure it goes up and remains balanced. Google can drop new algorithms anytime. So, try to keep starry and pay attention to check DA PA. The good thing is you have the aid of online DA PA checker tools. So, pick a website authority checker and make your site thriving.


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