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Quick Steps to change Your Page name & Business Name on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks; with more than two billion users’ active global users and availability spread over 130 out of 137 countries analyzed. Moreover, Facebook has acquired other social media networks, and they are now recognized as the by-products of Facebook; these platforms include Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more.

Apart from having a vast hold over the entire social media network, Facebook is currently the largest platform as it has the largest number of users globally. One of the factors that contribute to making Facebook the largest platform and having the largest user base is its wide range of features that the users thoroughly relish; features such as Facebook live, poll, privacy settings, sharing of photos and videos, likes, and reactions, groups, priority notifications, Facebook games, and other countless features.

Not only is Facebook amusing for personal use, but it is definitely marvelous for business purposes; since it supports ads and helps promote businesses, it is quite beneficial for business as Facebook promotes the business amongst its billions of users at an extremely reasonable price. These factors have resulted in people creating a page on Facebook and generating business from it.

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Having said that, some people have also faced issues with changing the names of their Facebook page especially. We have curated this blog to help you learn how to change Facebook page name. Fortunately, it can be done in a few elementary steps. To find out, refer to the steps below.


To proceed with the name-changing process, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open Facebook and login to your Facebook page that you wish to change the name for; once you have reached the home feed on your Facebook page, click on the downward arrow at the right corner of the screen to select Settings Click on See more settings next to open a list of settings option on the left side of the screen; choose the Edit page info option from under the Manage Page section in that list (scroll down to find the option )
  • Next, click on the Name box and insert your page’s new name and click on Request Change to send a request to Facebook to initiate your name change
  • Wait until Facebook changes your page name
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Now that you have learned how to change Facebook page name, you must carefully note the do’s and don’ts while choosing a new name for your page:


  • Variations of Facebook in your name
  • Your company slogan in your name
  • Random capitalization
  • Discriminatory, violating, or abusive words


  • Specific with your name
  • Avoid misleading words or terms

The next step to learn how to change page names on Facebook is to know that Facebook holds the authority to approve or decline the name change request based on its guidelines. If your name change process does not work, it could be because of the following reasons.


As mentioned earlier, Facebook reviews the name change initiative and approves or declines it. It usually takes about three business days for this process to occur, so you probably did not wait long enough for it to happen. If you have just applied for a name change, wait for three days or more.

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Another reason your name change didn’t succeed could be because you don’t have the admin privilege. If your page has 200 (or fewer) likes, you don’t need to be the admin to change the name, but if the likes are more, you will require Admin rights to initiate the name change process


Before you get a hold of the process of how to change the page name of Facebook, you must ensure that your Facebook page isn’t flagged. Facebook flags the pages that do not fall in the Facebook page policies, and if your page isn’t falling in the Facebook page policy, it is likely to get flagged.


Facebook will limit your page if you or any other admin of your Facebook page has tried to change the name previously, and Facebook does not immediately let you change the name again.


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Following are the steps to change the Facebook business name. If you wish to know how to change your Facebook business name, you must follow the steps mentioned below.


Initiate the process by logging into your account on the official Facebook page


Open the page management segment and click on your page that you wish to change the name of; proceed by opening that business page


Click on the three parallel lines next to the three options, namely, like, follow, and share. From the drop-down menu, click on Edit page info to change your name. Click on See All information. You will be able to change the page name from here. If you cannot find these options, it is probably because you are not an admin. To become the admin, follow the next few steps.


Ask the existing admin to add you like the edit to change the name. If you aren’t the admin, you do not have the authority to change the name. Once they have added you, you will be able to make such changes.

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Once you have become the admin, click on the about option that’s present on the left side of your Facebook business page to go to the editor. Find the Edit option next to your name and click on it to make the changes.


Enter your new name and click on Next. Click on Request change to send a request to Facebook for the same. When Facebook approves your request, your name will be changed.

Now that you know how to change Facebook business name, you must make the desired changes. Please ensure that your new name follows the Facebook guidelines so the request does not get rejected. Once you are finished making the changes and sending the request, wait patiently to get approved. You can find more information in our other blogs for assistance in such processes.


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