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Social Editorial Plan and Content Strategy Things to Know

When it comes to effectively implementing a content strategy for social media, there is a document that must always be placed at the center. We are talking about the social publishing plan , which can be both paper and digital. This document will aim to bring together all the information necessary to carry out the publication and dissemination of interesting content relating to the brand on the chosen channels.

It is essential both to plan social media management activities and to better support the digital strategy. Webdesign and  marketing is the key to success on social platforms, as long as it is correctly integrated and above all it is consistent with the company’s objectives. Let’s see how to create a performing editorial plan for these transversal channels, which allow you to reach a potentially boundless user base. Always bearing in mind that the contents must be organized within a scheduling activity .

How to spread them? It will be necessary to think of a strategy for publishing posts, but also stories and tweets . Obviously, it will depend on the channel identified and based on that we will define which are the most captivating images as well as – and above all – the most engaging and ‘targeted’ videos and infographics.

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How to structure a social publishing plan: example and phases

Let’s try to analyze an example social editorial plan so as to understand what steps you need to take. The objectives to be achieved must first be made clear, before moving on to the actual operational phase. It will also be necessary to understand how to reach them and above all how many resources are willing to invest.

After focusing on the company objectives and understanding the marketing objectives to be achieved, it will be necessary to think locally about the services to be promoted and the characteristics of the leading products (which aspects to emphasize and which to leverage), especially to increase the gap with competitors .

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The analysis of the buyer personas will help to focus on the target audience . Likewise, identifying the right tone of voice will help establish an emotional bridge. The sector scenario must be the background to any activity and content structuring: the geographic market of reference as well as direct or indirect competitors must always be kept in mind .

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Once all this has been done, the social media manager will have to think about the actual contents and define the best content strategy to convey them. In addition to the channels, it will be necessary to define which digital tools to exploit starting from Adv campaigns, passing through SEO and email marketing.

It will be necessary to allocate human resources ad hoc for the development of the project and it will be necessary to allocate a certain budget for advertising activities.

How to create engaging content for the social user? The SEO conversion rate will improve by choosing to focus on both graphics and elaborate shots but also on the creation of value, not only for the company but also for the user. You have to understand what the public likes, what their doubts are and what recurring curiosities to satisfy.

Social editorial plan, the importance of establishing the timing of publication

The creation of an editorial plan involves the focus of a publication basis. It is necessary to identify the days that during the week will see the diffusion of contents on certain platforms, in addition, time and frequency will also be planned , which can be both weekly and monthly and more.

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Each social network has its own specific characteristics, for example the perfect publication frequency on Facebook is a couple of times in the same week, while on Twitter you can proceed to the dissemination of content and images even several times in the same day. due to greater fluidity. And on Instagram? Ok to one content per day at least.

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Clearly the publication and its frequency will always be different from one project to another, in short, there are no golden rules but only useful guidelines. To be successful on social media you need to invest time and resources in planning, without ever forgetting that in addition to heavy content, it is also good to think about more spontaneous content, perhaps connected to reality and the news. As long as they are in line with the company mission.

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