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Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Better Marketing in 2021

Companies today hire social media managers to increase their sales, boost their brand loyalty, and develop their customer base. This is because social media comes with an infinite potential for companies to scale up. Social media management tools can allow enterprises to manage all of their digital content from optimization to publishing, and storage to distribution. A staffing agency can easily run an automated recruitment drive on social media by using these tools. Similarly, a fashion brand can create an awareness campaign to increase its social media fan following. With such tools, the potential for businesses to grow is limitless!

As we step into 2021, the need for businesses to utilize social media management tools increases due to the severe competition to have a more effective digital and social presence. In this blog, we will be discussing the best social media management tools that companies and individuals alike can master to maximize their gains from social media! Continue reading below to find out more.

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Woobox enables social media marketers to manage their social media engagements more effectively. Using this ideal platform one can create highly interactive and engaging content. Woobox is popular particularly among users who want to run giveaways for events and competitions on social media. By using this app, you can also conduct giveaways for Instagram followers. Just ask your followers to use a certain hashtag and the app’s algorithm will select a winner at random. This allows organizers to select a deserving one without making any manual lists.

Today, due to such apps, we see a rising trend in social media streaming. Many gamers and thought leaders regularly use social media to go live. So do companies and organizations. When they go live, they often conduct giveaways and prize draws. Apps such as Woobox help them greatly in this regard.

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Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook’s Power Editor is a powerful tool that can allow you to run advertising campaigns. The app provides a lot of convenience in managing it from scratch to finish. Furthermore, the app is not obsolete. On the contrary, it receives updates every now and then. Therefore, users can customize their ad campaigns using the latest features and options. You can also manage the entire budgeting details with this app and even target users based on certain characteristics. Rest assured, you don’t have to pay any third-party organization even a single penny. The bottom line is that you can run your ad for any amount of time for whatever duration you want to by selecting your very own budget!

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Twitter Native Platform

Twitter is an ideal place for businesses and always has been. The concise and to-the-point tweets enable businesses to be direct in their approach and gain loyal followers. By using the Twitter Native Platform, you can take your business activities to the next level. Search for what hashtags are trending and try to capture them by using them in your posts. However, take care that you do this organically. Your keyword usage must not seem forced or abrupt. You can also create content to generate sales from phone users as Twitter is known for generating a lot of revenue from them!

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is a great place for new marketers to begin from. It is an ideal place that is home to indispensable social media management tools. You will find that they provide one of the best services in the realm of email marketing. Their customer relationship management platform and marketing software will allow you an ample amount of integrations to manage your social media presence along with your websites. The CRM comes at zero cost investment. You can also try a number of other tools from HubSpot. The free sign-up will you to send out emails of up to 2000 per month. This is a great offering for small businesses. From here, you can subscribe to higher bundle offers! Users can also create a list of contacts and mailing templates as well.

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Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a great place for social media marketers. This is the place where they can see how their marketing efforts are doing on both the web and mobile. Marketers and SEO experts alike can use the platform to understand which part of their marketing effort isn’t working out. They can which demographic group is not suitable for ad targeting and adjust it. Here, they can also see which products are creating a better impact in the market and which ones are not. For an in-depth analysis of your Facebook business page, this is the best analytics tool that comes directly from Facebook itself.

For social media marketers, these tools are very helpful and can result in better performance appraisals with effective deployment of marketing campaigns. Develop an understanding of these tools to take your business to the very next level!


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