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Top 7 Benefits of Link Building 

What is link building & how does it help?

Search Rankings of websites can be tremendously increased by the usage of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Revenue can be significantly increased by this method. Content, Link Building, and Social Sharing are the three primary SEO strategies

Generally one has to place their websites’ backlinks in other websites by the method of link building. This is the foothold of Search Engine Optimisation. This is a perk for the users because Google watches those placed links. 

Link Building is a method of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to a specific website.

Any content is seen as a coherent one by the search engine if high-quality links lead to a certain page. Ergo, the website’s ranking elevates. Search engines crawl the web using hyperlinks.

Some concealed Statistics of Link Building techniques

It is important for our readers to catch the most recent statistics on this process. 

Are you ready for some helpful insight?  

After a detailed research study, 13% of experts have acknowledged that the perfect tactic of SEO is the online SEO company in India.We provide end-to-end services including keyword selection, competitor analysis, content optimization, Link Building process. 2.2% of content generates links from various other websites. Now, that’s helpful! Right?

The main struggle of SEO according to 41% of SEO users is the Link Building process. On the other hand, around 36% of businesses outsource it to experts from outside. Internal and external link activity has been dominated equally by 42% of SEO users. 

The interesting fact is that 10% of the budget is used by 61% of the marketers. A survey concludes that 69% of users have said that buying links directly impacts search ranking. That survey also said that 34% of users spend extra hours in the external link process. 

All the links are not deliberately created by marketers but many of them are created for reasons like a journalist covering a new story and linking to a source, or a blogger who loves their new coffee machine so much that they link it to the retailer who sold it to them. 

1. Links provide credibility

Links proffer your site credibility as they act as third-party indicators of the authoritative strength of a domain. One of the objectives of Google is to provide users with relevant search results.

 ‘Authority’ is the term we can use which Google factors in for the higher number of links directed towards the respective site – the higher the number of quality links, the higher is the credibility. Authoritative pages pass more authority and this is called the page rank.

Search engines like Google work on the basis that good publishers are going to link to your content because it will enhance the user experience. 

One should always think about the number of domains they are linking back from. It is advisable to get 10 links from 10 different authoritative domains rather than 10 from sticking to just one.

2. Backlinks will get you an increase in web traffic

As we have learned, Link building is one of the best ways today to attract relevant audiences from industry authority websites. Targeting relevant audiences and niches will provide a hike in traffic from external sources – web traffic is an excellent indicator of the website’s health.

3. Link building can benefit businesses

Good link building can help build you a brand. Backlink service has benefited businesses in the following ways : 

  • Review by influencers or popular bloggers: If a product is put in front of influencers in the industry, then, their reviews about the product will spread the content around more efficiently. 
  • Friends and partners: Friends, partners, and colleagues can link up to your website as links from sites that are in the same general industry or niche as your website will have a higher value than links from uncorrelated websites. 
  • Promotion of content creation: Distinctive interesting content that the audience will most likely want to cite and link to and convey to others about will naturally be mentioned in the top spots after a Google search. Businesses can utilize this to their advantage.
  1. An incessant source of referral traffic

Once the permanent link on an authority site is created one should get regular traffic from that link going forward. When compared to traditional models of advertising and marketing we can see that once an advertisement runs its course it no longer gets traffic.  

  1. Outsmart your competitors 

Links on the web are public & no one can hide or mask them in any way. Today, there are different tools out there that you can explore and see where the links point to – whether it’s to your website or someone else’s.

Doing this with a link-building company helps you make a strategic competitor analysis. This will let you know where your competition is getting their links. This will certainly help you target similar sources if they have good authority and will help in increasing your site’s reliability. 

  1. Lesser bounce rates 

‘Bounce rate’ is defined as “the number of single-page sessions” by Google. This number is the number of people who visited one page of your website and left without looking around the rest of your site. 

While building links don’t just think about internal links solely. The mixture makes the backlinking more attractive. Inbound links make it easier for Google to navigate your site. Also, they make it easier for people to navigate to your content. This way the ‘bounce rate’ can be reduced efficiently. 

  1. Lifelong Investment

Investing links through a link building company will last as long as the used link remains active, unlike the usage of paid ads or other conventional digital marketing & SEO methods.

 When using paid ads you pay the company on a monthly or annual basis to achieve a temporary spike on your visibility. 

Most web pages can last for years, thus, the lifetime of links is pretty long. On one hand, link building is the same as building home equity whereas buying paid advertisements is somewhat alike to paying the rent for an apartment. 

There are plenty of ways out there to help one build their link but coordinating with a legit company is like hiring expert contractors to build a strong house that can be timeless. 

Begin your website’s backlink journey

Hopefully, the information will help and inspire you to start with or improve your backlink campaign strategy.

If you want to make it big in link-building we recommend you not to go down the road of buying links. There can be cases when paid backlinks could even work against you in the long run.   

This is why you must choose your path wisely.

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