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Voice-based search: Explained By Delhi SEO Company

Impact likewise on local business pursuits

Here’s a typical voice-based search by a regular consumer resounding in small town India.

Consumer: Hi, I am Sally, I want to order a pizza.

Domino’s: Hi Sally, I am Bif. I will take your order. You live on 22nd street, right?

Sally: Yeah, One bacon cheeseburger feast, hand tossed, 1 chicken Caesar salad and one Pasta Primavera bowl.

Bif: Got it, are you paying cash or via credit card on delivery. Alfie will be on his way and will reach your home in 35 minutes from now. Thanks for ordering from Dominos. And stay safe. 

Another example of a voice-based search 

Ok, Google, Hi there, I am looking for some groceries. Is Walmart offering any goodies or is there a local sale in our neighborhood? 

Or yet another example…

Alexa, what pizza toppings are available and can I order some garlic bread?  


As conversational commerce grows, (admitted, it is still in its infancy), the number of voice-based searches are gaining traction. In fact, they are also impacting the way modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices are being used. The technologies are on the cusp of an epic evolution which will no doubt help local businesses to make significant sales.

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This blog introduces the impacts which will form the base of future digital technologies. In the best interest of digital marketers, keeping track will enable them to strategize and organize plans revolving around voice-based searches. 

What you will appreciate through this information: 

(Psst; Make a large cup of hot coffee and assimilate it all for the next plan.)

  • Advantages of voice-based searches
  • Statistics which reveal impact on SEO trends
  • How can you optimize for VBS in 2021?

Advantages of voice-based searches

With the addition of simply talking aloud or conversing with ‘Alexa’ many users search for services and products online. It eliminates the cumbersome activity of typing keywords on search engines. Use any device and ask a question before shopping. The results are all available for you to make decisions. This has a huge impact on the way Delhi search engine optimization functions. It is replacing traditional methods of marketers using keywords (the heart and soul) for Delhi SEO Company.

At a quick glance, voice-based search offers benefits to increase revenue.

  1. Due to spams frequenting keyword space, users prefer ‘voice’ to find things online. Each voice pattern is unique and there are less chances of spam or fraud. Now ‘user intent’ will dominate the answers. Sure, it will be a challenge ahead for content creators and marketers to integrate it in their digital marketing plans. Learning well in time is advisable.
  2. As voice-based technology grows, there will be more refined usage of natural language. Speak in any language or dialect and get answers in real time. Its no magic but hardcore technology at work. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are rewriting the way searches function.
  3. Questions will be encouraged. For example, the user will no longer type ‘Pizza joint near me.’ He can simply ask ‘Hey, Alexa, where can I get a thin crust pizza?’ This means local SEO in Delhi will become more relevant and businesses will adapt to these ‘orders’ to make sales. 

Statistics which reveal impact on SEO trends in India

  • Comscore reveals that by end of 2020, voice-based research by consumers will gallop towards 50% more results.
  • Gartner says 30% of voice based searches will be done via smartphones.
  • Using voice for ordering food, shopping and directions will soon become commonplace. A survey done by Adobe reveals areas where consumers use conversational methods to get what they want.
  • Across India many households use Amazon and Google which are current choices for using voices. Nearly 97 percent of smart-speaker households in the U.S. use either Echo Dot or Google Home Mini.

How can you optimize for VBS in 2021?

As a digital marketer, it is important to move ahead and optimize for voice searches so that you have an edge over competition. The following tips may prove to be useful:

  1. Use of natural language is critical. A question can fetch the perfect answer a user is looking for. 
  2. Keep in mind that ‘search engine rankings’ still count. Domain rankings have a huge influence in getting the algorithms to respond to voice-based conversations.
  3. Rich snippets still bring good results in rankings. 
  4. People look for local business. Hence, keep focus on ‘Google My Business’ listings. This way e-commerce stores remain relevant to shoppers. 
  5. FAQs that answer specific questions will be valued for v-commerce in the future. 

Most important tip: Frame answers for humans and not for search engines as you have done in the past.

VBS is not just a fad or a trend that is likely to fade away. It is here to stay. In 2021, it is most likely to become a standard practice. Develop your strategies to include it. 

Right now there is only Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google. More VBS technologies with refined capabilities across more languages will enter the market. Even though voice assistants are not able to answer several questions now, in the future they will be providing more information than ever for people to make decisions and buy stuff.  You gotta be ready for it.


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