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What backlinks are and why they are important in SEO

When we talk about links we refer to links based on an anchor text . These allow – with a simple click – to access a different site or another page. If, on the other hand, we refer to backlinks , the mechanism is the same but the point of view changes . In fact, the term backlink indicates those links that are granted by other sites to our portal (we also speak of ‘incoming links’).

Content marketing and off page SEO strategy

Backlinks represent an essential step in order to obtain interesting results on the internet. Especially as regards the positioning of web sites and therefore the way in which they are returned on the results page to users who query the search engines. We must not forget that it is above all the content marketing strategy that is placed at the center of the development of any digital project. The stated goal is to offer useful and original information to the target audience to build loyalty. But you must also think about scaling the SERP and improving the positioning of the site, aiming at the top of the first page.

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It is therefore necessary to work well on page , writing correctly and organizing the portal at best. But we must also take into account the off page SEO , that is everything related to inbound links . We have already mentioned backlinks and their importance: they are hyperlinks that send a click to your site. And this should always happen without forcing of any kind, in a natural way .

The differences between internal and external links

Let’s try to understand what is now the difference between internal link and external link . The first deals with linking two points of the same website , for example two pages. The second is usually used to deal more deeply with a topic that is being addressed within the content itself. The external link is a reference to a source, to a site that deals with ad hoc insights. Or even to an affiliate program. If you receive these links, from the point of view of the destination site, you can therefore speak of backlinks.

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Link values

For SEO purposes, any link , whether it is an internal or an external link, always has a different value . In the event that a search engine considers the content of a portal interesting, it will reward it by placing it in the highest positions of the SERP. In fact, it means that that content answers users’ doubts and recurring questions. Among the parameters that are taken into consideration in this sense there are also the backlinks .

The fact that there are many sites that link to a particular page or site is a clear indicator that the content offered is of particular relevance. It is clear that quantity is important . However, it is necessary above all to focus on the quality of the backlinks themselves (only those of value are rewarded and the others penalized). That is why it is always important to evaluate the authority and relevance of the site from which a certain link comes. It is therefore important to entrust the link building activity to specialized agencies.

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