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When Should You Upgrade Your MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting Plan?

Web hosting plans are helpful for website owners to host their sites with complete efficiency. Also, because of web hosting plans, users can make their sites accessible to visitors worldwide by giving them a smooth browsing experience. If you approach to web hosting companies, they have different web hosting plans like shared hosting, Best VPS Hosting Services, dedicated hosting and many more.

Users opt for shared hosting plans for lower-scale websites with lower traffic and engagement. Such hosting plans are affordable, and if you choose a reliable web hosting provider, you will get the top-notch shared hosting service with compelling features and other resources that help hosting users in the website hosting operation.

At the beginning of purchasing shared hosting plans, you might not face any technical problems. However, once your website gains more traffic and engagement, it is the right time to upgrade your web hosting plan anytime. What do you think about when to upgrade your shared hosting services?

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In this guide, we highlight information on when to upgrade your shared hosting plan.

Why Do You Require Shared Hosting Services?

Shared hosting services are essential to web hosting services provided by web hosting companies. In this type of web hosting, server resources are shared among different hosting account users. Server resources include CPU, RAM and disk space that is shared among other users. Furthermore, these resources are responsible for hosting websites and applications. Hence, shared hosting plans are affordable and do not require too many capital resources.

Without charging a hefty amount from website owners, web hosting companies offer a range of shared hosting plans according to different users’ requirements. Thus, it gives users the freedom to choose the best shared hosting plan according to their requirements.

Moreover, these plans are configured with optimal features like control panels, unlimited bandwidth and many others. Because of such features, website owners can easily manage their domains, FTP accounts and other web files in no time. Control panels have a user-friendly interface and help modify environments and update and delete fields from the server. Besides, if we talk about the bandwidth, it helps enhance the website’s connectivity and make it perform efficiently.

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On an individual level, looking forward to such features and technical aspects is not an easy task. Therefore, you need a reliable web hosting provider that provides top-notch hosting services and looks after all your technical aspects.

MilesWeb is India’s leading web hosting provider offering top-notch shared hosting services at affordable costs. Their Tyro plans cost you around Rs. 60 per month, and it is the basic plan that MilesWeb offers for users looking for shared hosting users.

For new website owners, it is a helpful web hosting plan where they host one website with complete SSL encryption to the hosted domain. More of their projects are named Geeky, Rapid, and Turbo.

Signs When You Should Upgrade Your Shared Hosting Plan

1.      To Scale Your Website

You might get satisfaction from one domain in your initial days of an online presence. But this will not be the same case every time. In the future, you might require a reliable web hosting plan where you can host unlimited domains. To scale your web presence, you will require more domains and websites. Hence, it is the right time to upgrade your shared hosting plan.

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You can upgrade from MilesWeb’s Tyro plan to Turbo and host unlimited domains. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to add domains to your web hosting account. You will be getting a control panel to add domains to your hosting account.

2.      Facing downtime issue

All MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans give the assurance of higher uptime. Due to this, no performance related to the website and applications exists. MilesWeb offers guaranteed uptime up to 99.95%. You will be getting no technical hurdles during the web hosting operations. If you are getting technical glitches from the Tyro plan, you have the freedom to host your web projects with the turbo plan. It is the best choice for a shared hosting service with unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited database.

3.      Unsatisfied with The Limited Resource

For those websites that require more resources, you might experience some hosting operation-related issues. As a result, it will take more space and extra features sometimes. Then, it is time to host your websites and applications with an upgraded plan. Leverage the maximum potential of upgraded hosting plans and host websites or applications with complete efficiency.

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Key Thoughts

If you are unsatisfied with your current shared hosting plan, upgrade it. MilesWeb has a range of shared hosting plans with compelling features like 24×7 tech support, a 1-click installer, the website builder tool and many more. They are trustworthy web hosting provider offering reliable shared hosting services.


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