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Why are anchor texts important in SEO?

People owning their websites, may it be e-commerce sites or blogs websites are very much familiar with terms like ‘SEO’, ‘link building’, ‘online SEO’ and ‘off-line SEO’. These concepts are the backbones of the new media as these are extremely crucial for websites to thrive. All successful websites master the skill of SEO, backlinks and anchor texts. For expert advises, one can always resort online SEO agency in Delhi which educates amateurs about anchor text creation, link building and SEO on the whole and at large.

In this article, we shall learn about anchor text, and its importance in all SEO practices.

What is anchor text?

For many who are unfamiliar with the term, here is an easy explanation to get through. Anchor text, in simple terms, is a clickable link in a text. All of us or most of us are familiar with the term hyperlink. Now, the text that is converted into a hyperlink is known as an anchor text which generally appears blue in colour. Although. The colour of the anchor text can be changed through the HTML code.

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of the concepts of hyperlinks is that they lead us to a relevant blog or website we are seeking. One important part that should be kept in mind while creating anchor text is that the word or phrase that needs to be hyperlinked should be relevant with the website that it is linked with.

Why do anchor texts matter?

Anchor texts are also called link label or link titles, and they hold immense importance. The reason being, the presence of anchor texts determine the ranking the pages will receive by search engines like Bing, google or yahoo. This, in return, will upgrade the status of your website on an online platform.

Exact match anchor texts are promising

There are variations when it comes to anchor texts creation. Exact match anchor texts are promising because it ensures authentication, makes your text specific rather than generic. An exact match anchor text is the one that has the same keyword as targeted in a web page.

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Back linking anchor text

Back linking anchor text means that some other website has used a keyword that is relevant website. This clearly means that if a user is on some other website and a keyword relevant website is mentioned, then the person will be taken to your website. This make your website prominent.

Tips and tricks to obtain good and natural anchor texts

Website owners need to understand that the goodness of anchor texts greatly depends on how natural or organic they are. There have been many instances that people get the wrong notion of purchasing links or backlinks. Paid links do not ensure the longevity of the website, precisely are not suitable for the long run.

Building organic anchor texts and links are time-consuming, but the efforts are worth pouring because the good results become inevitable. Organic anchor links achieve mentions in reputed platforms like online magazines and news portals which increases their quality. Hence, only proper anchor text creation determines the prosperity of your website. The trick is to prepare high-quality content for your audience. This happens to be one of the key marketing strategies. Audience look for contents that suit their best interests. The success of the website rests on the quality you create for them.

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In this article, we have made an effort to explain the concept of anchor text creation, and its value on a digital platform. One who is planning to build his/her own website should primarily focus on anchor text creation instead of grabbing the top position of the first page.


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