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Why Story telling Is The Best Blogging Style?

Blogging has become an integral part of online businesses and it is thriving more than ever before.

A strategically planned blog article attracts more customers to a company’s website leading to a brand awareness and consequently more sales and reputation.

There are several brands who have implemented this approach and succeeded.

However, many times we get excited about other quick fixes and jump into methods like PPC advertising and other short term tactics.

Indeed these methods work but they only work as long as you have huge piles of cash in your account.

So, for a long run blogging is the only viable option.

No doubt blog writing is an art. It takes time and practices to become an accomplished blog writer.

There are several approaches that one can take while writing their blogs. However, the method that attracts me the most is the “storytelling” approach.

Below, I am sharing “Why I Think Storytelling Is The Best Blogging Style” 

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Be with me.

Stories Create A Connection

Stories have been an integral part of our society. We have grown up listening to stories from our childhood and it is an essential part of our everyday communication.

When it comes to building trust among your potential customers, stories are the most effective way. It creates a connection between the storyteller and the readers.

Probably you have a business and you are ready with your product.

The first thing that you have to understand is: who is it for.

When you become sure about your target customers, you should create a storyline that connects your brand with your customer.

Did you notice that many international brands often focus on this connection in their advertisement more than their product?

This is because they want to create a connection between their product and the customers. Their products become a secondary part in these business campaigns. However, subconsciously it creates brand awareness.

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So, if you want to create a bond between your product and your customers, you must create a storyline to connect them.

Stories Cut Through The Noise

Still if you are not convinced then let me share another benefit of the storytelling approach.

When you research for a product online, you will find there are several articles with the same narrative. The same discussion with the same product specifications.

Maybe instead of 10 points someone is discussing 11 points. It makes the pitch very boring.

So, when you write a product blog article which is more like a story than a mere product description, it attracts the reader.

It cuts through the noise and sets you as a different from the crowd.

A blog that takes that approach to connect with their customers often ends up with an improved click through ratio and better conversions.

However, writing stories that connect your audience is not very easy. The flow should be coherent and the language fluent.

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There are several online grammar checking software available in the market. You should check your article for grammatical mistakes and proper flow of writing.


People are irrational when they buy products. They make their decision based on their intent. So, if you want to make them click your links you have to diversify your blog writing strategy.

Storytelling is one of the several tries and tested methods.

It creates a connection between the brand and the readers. Story appeals to the feelings close to our heart. This is why it is so successful while writing business blogs. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions or maybe having an idea that you would like to share, please comment. I would like to hear from you.


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