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100+ creative and cool usernames for social media

Are you in the process of opening your account on a social platform? Looking for a cool username that can catch everyone’s attention? Then, we’ve got you covered! We’ve mentioned some of the coolest usernames that you can use. So, keep reading to explore more!

Undoubtedly, the first thing people notice in your social media accounts is your username. A catchy username is necessary to ace your social media game and it somehow represents our personality. Hence, we should be creative with that.

Nowadays, social media is full of unique, trendy, and cool usernames. While some people are way ahead on this game, some of us struggle to get one perfect name that describes our personality. Different social media platforms require different approaches when it comes to selecting the appropriate username.

While platforms like Instagram need a catchy and unique username, a bit formal and intellectual username is preferred for Twitter. Thanks to the huge number of people on these platforms most of the common catchy names are already taken, but you don’t have to worry about that, because today we will be sharing 100+ cool username ideas to make your social media profile more attractive. So, here we go.

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Cute usernames for teenage girls

teenage girls

If you are a teen who loves to watch fairytale movies and have that sweet, loving, young vibes, then here are some usernames which you can either use before or after your name, solo or with the combination with other words:

  • Sweet16
  • WintersBaby
  • WintersSunshine
  • SweetAngelSofia
  • FallenAngelSofia
  • LittleHope
  • CuteFairySophia
  • SweetCupcake
  • CherryBlossom
  • PrincessWithSmile
  • CutiePieSofia
  • SofiaBaby
  • SunshineAndRainbow
  • SofiaHappySoul
  • SweetheartSofia

Some other cute words which you can add to your name are sweetie, babygirl, snowflake, sugar, angelic, bubbly, doll, glimmer, sprinkles, dolly, butterfly, cherub, lovely, smiling, and barbie.

Stylish username for millennials


Millennials love being unique and stylish and if you are one of those, then you should check out our suggestions for millennials:

  • TheSassQueen
  • SavageFairy
  • BornToRule
  • SweetButPsycho
  • TheFighterChic
  • The_hippie_vibe
  • ModernJuliette
  • Dash_Of_Sass
  • OutOf_million
  • TheBossLady
  • TheDusyQueen
  • TheCurlsQueen
  • Hot_Mess
  • thefreeSoul

Other catchy words you can add to your username to make it more stylish are daydreamer, slayer, wild, quirky, innocent, thunder, and rare

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Cool usernames for Cool guys

If you are looking for some cool usernames for your social media profile to match your easy and chill vibes. Here are some great ideas for you:

  • TheMountainGuy
  • Thewanderer
  • in.disguise
  • lazy.head
  • OneManArmy
  • chiller
  • traveller
  • NomadicSoul
  • Mortal
  • of.hell
  • Monster
  • TheWeirdInsomniac
  • TheBadBoy
  • of.Race
  • CharminglyRude

Other words that guys can add to their usernames are dreamer, tough, Ruler, loverboy, messy, unique, gipsy, vegan, storyteller, notsorespsible, randomguy, luvingpuzzele, stoneheart and nerdy.

Unique Usernames for nerds

If you are someone who always yearns to stay unique, then you can experiment even with your username. You can play with new words. For that, you need more than a simple combination of two or three words. In fact, you need a word that is rarely used in the social media platform. Here are some of the unique and unheard usernames:

  • Ecophobia
  • homeric
  • Hippophobia
  • guffaw
  • hobbledehoy
  • Scolionophobia
  • titmouse
  • hitherto
  • guilloche
  • holystone
  • Tachophobia
  • guidon
  • limner
  • tormentil
  • Geliophobia
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Some other words which could be used either with your name or as solo are ergophobia, ligature, Musophobia, tittup, Zemmiphobia, hoary, Hadephobia, Radiophobia, intagliated.

Username based on your favorite Movie and show characters

We all have some shows or movies which are close to our heart, and there are characters that we admire the most. You can show your love to your favorite movie/character by adding their name to your user name. Other than character names, you can also use anything unique in your favorite show, it could be terminology or just even a phrase. Some of the popular usernames are:

  • Halfblood prince
  • Jacksparrow
  • Newman!
  • yabba dabba doo!
  • whitewalkers
  • Shadowhunters
  • thedudeabides
  • TheVikings
  • WhatHarveythinks
  • KingofNorth
  • SecretSherlockHolmes
  • WonderWoman
  • bazinga!
  • respectmyauthoritah
  • Swarley

You can add other words before or after these to make them even more attractive.

Attractive Usernames for our Gamer friends

Nowadays, gaming apps like PUBG, Freefire, Among Us are being used insanely by millennials. The good thing about these apps is that you can play it solo or as a team, your opponents are unknown and the only things you know about them is their username.

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Often players team up with unknown people when they play in teams. Honestly here you will find the username actually way cooler than Instagram and Twitter. The username used by most of the players is fierce, daunting, and cool. If you are new to the gaming zone or looking for a new cool username, here are some cool ideas for you:

  • DeadShot1
  • KillerShotMike
  • FatalJohn
  • UltimateKing
  • TheOne
  • Masked Titan
  • DeadShooter
  • TheOnlyKing
  • Headshot
  • Assassin creed
  • SilentKiller
  • Stealthed warrior
  • The last sumurai
  • LoneWolf
  • LoneWarrior
  • The Masked Devil

Other powerful words that you can use as your gaming username are Slayer, hellboy, soldier, lion, wounded, beast, venom, etc. You can use these words solo or in combination with some other words.

Username with altered Spelling

There is an easy trick to get the username of your choice if it’s already taken. Thanks to social media, which allows us to show our real personality and accept the flaws we have along with the flaws of our username.

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In social media there’s is no need to be grammatically correct or to spell check. To get the username of your choice, you could just change the literal spelling of the word in a way that their pronunciation remains the same but the spelling would be different than the original one.  Below are some examples for you :

Actual word    Modified word
Give me            Gimme
Love                  Luv
Happy               Happie
Grumpy            Grumpie
Moody              Moddie
Crazy                 Crazyyy

Also, you could add numbers and special characters at the end of an already taken username and form a brand new username for yourself. For eg: [email protected], HappySoul7, AprilFairy08

So, that’s all readers, these were some fun, cool usernames for you guys. Hope it’ll help you to up your social media game.


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