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15 Steps to get Authentic Instagram Followers in 2021

Instagram is a social media platform that promises growth for any kind of business. To make the fortune brand it is pivotal to buy followers and buy likes.

Even though buying followers will also provide you with authentic followers, you might be unable to invest in it early. For those people, we have listed 15 working ways you can get authenticated Instagram followers in 2021.

1. Unique and Creative Bio:

All users with Instagram handle should create personalised bio which generates uniqueness in the profile. The bio gives the first impression of any profile, make sure that your bio embodies your goal, action, energy and solid reason for people to follow your account.

2. Organise Curated Content:

Followers always have the power to unfollow any account at any point in time. According to a survey, most people unfollow a brand Instagram account when content is either copied, reposted or not creative. Thus, ensure that your profile never compromises on content.

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3. Post feed timely:

Consistency in posting your feed can lead you to a great number of authentic followers. You can grab a lot of followers by scheduling your feed ahead of time.

4. Take advantage of advertisements:

Run advertisements over Instagram. Unlike any print media advertisements, all Instagram users go through the advertisements and give their detail wherever they find it necessary. This is great to make a business relationship with your customers.

5. Interact frequently:

The audience when appreciates your content, they demand interaction with the account holder. This certifies that you listen to your audience opinions and views and completely respect their regards.

6. Ask for followers, likes and shares:

Some Instagram users might consider this as an annoying practice, but it is always good to ask your audience for more followers, likes and shares. This CTA helps to know your audience that you require their support and make you look humble as well.

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7 Run Giveaways:

Organise competitions audience and offer to win a prize or the product that you are selling. Running giveaways will lead to a great fan following because more and more people will be willing to participate in the competition. This is an investment to reach authentic followers.

8. Go live:

Going live and notifying your audience in advance is a great step to reach a high audience. In the live session, you can talk about your goals and can also transfer the energy or the value that your product and business bring into the market.

9. Collaborate with Influencers:

Collaborate with influencer and ask them to mention you in their stories. It might be possible that you do not get a response from some influencers then try to reach out to influencers like you who are also seeking growth. This will be a win-win situation for both the holders.

10. Feature your audience:

Ask your audience to caption your feed, comment and like them, feature the most loved caption or the comment. This way you will be keeping your audience engaged with your profile and the content. Engaging your audience will help you to build a relationship with them.

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11. Use trendy hashtags:

Using hashtags will help you to reach out to an audience that is not even following your account. The feed will reach out to them because they will be following those trendy hashtags so, use all types of hashtags in your post, story, reels and Igtv videos.

12. Feature your locality and Places:

Featuring your locality and places that you visit will aid in making connections with people. People love when they find something in common so never forget to feature the places you visit

13. Monitor Your Growth:

Either using social media tools such as Buffer, Later etc or using Instagram data analytics to monitor your growth. This will give you the transparency of what kind of content your audience love and hate.

14. Post Consistently:

Buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes by using the consistency rule. Posting, coming live and interacting with your audience consistently will make your account look authentic.

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15. Use high sound and video quality:

Never compromise on sound and video quality as this might lead to a bad impression on your followers. Compromising on such qualities might cut your cost a little but it is never appropriate in the long run.


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