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GoGoPDF Converter Tool: Converting Your Word Documents To PDF

Are you having problems transmitting your Word documents online? Are you worried that the file’s contents are not safe? Converting them to the portable document format is the most recommended action. With GoGoPDF, PDF conversion becomes faster and more comfortable as it has the best conversion tools available online! 

The Use of Word Documents and Why Convert Them

Word documents are the primary choice in typing documents from scratch. It has the complete set of functions to make the ideal and proper compositions, especially with its spacings, indentations, page orientations, layouts, and many more. You have all the options to make the most comprehensive document. So why is it important to convert Word to PDF?

For you to avoid Word version complications, it is best to convert your file to PDF. This action plan also applies to other file formats such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, JPG, and PNG images. You have probably encountered opening a Word document from a different Word version and ended up having weird fonts, arrangements, and formats. 

That situation is common for these file formats. Although these MS office programs are the best choice in making neat and organized records, it is disadvantageous when transmitted to various users with different program versions. It also gives other users to make edits to your submitted files, making unnecessary and unwanted content alterations. 

Advantages of PDFs

This revolutionary file format saves you from all the hassle. This format’s major advantage is uniformity; the same file will appear to the other end. No matter what file you have initially constructed, whether it is Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. If you convert them to PDF, the other party receiving the file will always see the same file you’ve sent. 

Also, PDFs are pretty convenient and more comfortable to print. Unlike with the other file formats mentioned, you can sometimes encounter unique problems with printing. There are instances wherein the contents become disarranged, and some parts are cut off when printing. Aside from easier printing, PDFs also consume lesser space than other file formats. 

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How To Convert Word Documents To PDF

Now, you have clearly identified the file differences and their pros and cons. It is most recommendable to have your files in the portable document format to attain more straightforward online operations. Sending through online webmail platforms has never been easier when in PDF. Cut to the chase; this is how you convert your Word document to PDF:

  1. In your browser, open the GoGoPDF home page and choose the “Word to PDF” option. We suggest using Chrome, Safari, or Edge. 
  2. Locate your Word document and drag it to the GoGoPDF converter tool. You can also manually search for the file and upload it. 
  3. As the rainbow loading finished, you will notice another quick rainbow loading will appear. This means that your file is being converted. 
  4. In less than 15 seconds, it will convert your Word document to PDF! You can download the file to your disk or Google Drive. GoGoPDF will also provide a file URL for faster social media sharing

The PDF conversion process is as simple as ABC! Your time is saved, and so are your efforts. The two main advantages of these free online tools are convenience and accessibility. With GoGoPDF, you do not have to exert much effort and spend extra dollars managing your PDF complications. Just have your mobile phone and data ready, and you are good to go! 

Ensuring Consumer Data Privacy

Consumer data privacy is a common and sensitive issue nowadays. Provided that most operations and transactions are done online these days, the risk for data interference is also high. The corporate industry is composed of competitive players who are ready to get their hands dirty just to overpower the market, including sneaking to your confidential records. 

With GoGoPDF, you need not worry about data privacy as it is on par with the most secure online websites. Its sophisticated security systems and 128-AES encryption protocol ensure that the PDFs you upload are kept within your visuals only. 


So what are you waiting for? Check out GoGoPDF and take advantage of their efficient yet free services! If you also need PDF conversions for other file formats, you can also see more of its vast selection of functions. 

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