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SEO Factor: It’s How To Get Quality And Free Backlink

Now, using local SEO services in London is certainly a lot of things done by everyone. This is because Search Engine Optimization can make your business known and have many potential customers. However, a good SEO also certainly requires the right backlink and quality. The backlink should be able to bring many customers to your website.

As a matter that can be the determinant of SEO running with the maximum or not, backlinks should always be considered. You should be able to get a good backlink in order to get potential customers. Then, how the right way to get quality backlinks for free?


1. Create content that contains information for many people

The more useful content you share with people, the more backlinks you will get. Why can this happen? This is because readers will feel interested to share if your content is considered useful by them.

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2. Try to do blog walking

Blog walking is an activity where you visit other blogs that are known to many people and if you leave the comment on the blog. to do it, it is somewhat easier when compared with the guest post but blog walking also has a weakness because the link is no-follow. There are two types of links that you know, such as follow and no-follow.

3. Write a guest post article on another website

Sometimes you are really doing guest post activities on other websites that are more crowded than your own website. Just to market your content and also get backlinks from the website. To do that, there are things to remember that you should not be too much insert a backlink in the post. And also should not use the content is not original because if you do it, it will be regarded as a website that does spam and will be blocked by users and Google.

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The SEO technique option is important since it impacts the result you’ll get. Generally speaking, SEO takes time to show its work, result, and advantages. Imagine what will happen if you don’t choose the right technique. In general, there is more than one type of technique people can implement for search engine optimization. 

Perhaps, white hat SEO is the most common one that people use. That’s why it is known as one of the most popular techniques. This one utilizes the methods and techniques to improve the ranking of SEO of any website, which doesn’t run afoul of the guidelines of search engines. The techniques SEO expert will include the development of high-quality content, link acquisition campaigns, which get supported by content made with high quality, the optimization of website HTML, and more. 

The black hat SEO is the second technique of SEO you can choose from. Before choosing this, it would be better to know what type of risks you may get during your SEO campaign. This technique usually exploits the various weakness in the algorithms or search engines to get high rankings for websites. Unfortunately, this is not based on the SEO guidelines of Google and other search engines.

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The next SEO technique is grey hat SEO, which is neither black nor white. In fact, this doesn’t fully use black hat SEO and rather combines both white and black ones. In other words, this is the transformation from white to black or black to white. 


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