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What are the stages of the strategic marketing plan

The strategic marketing plan is a key document both in terms of business development and the achievement of business objectives in the medium and long term. In practice it is a ‘photograph’ that accurately describes both the results to be achieved and the strategies to be used to do so but also the facets of the reference market . In strategic marketing, there are five steps to follow to define a plan. Let’s see what they are and what they consist of.

Strategic marketing phases: what they are and what they consist of

It starts with an analysis of the starting situation (trends, risks and opportunities) and the focus on company objectives (which must be reliable, real and measurable). Then the right marketing strategy to follow is defined , before implementing the operational plan (which establishes times and methods of action). Finally, the important phase of control, monitoring and implementation opens , also important to insert corrective measures.

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Strategic marketing preliminary stages: context analysis and business objectives 

It starts with the analysis of the starting situation and the context in which the company is ready to operate . It is necessary to understand what are the current trends, the risks and the opportunities as well as – and above all – the possible scenarios on the horizon . Understanding the sector in which we operate is essential: it becomes possible to ride the wave or anticipate trends and innovations by bypassing competitors . Even the latter will have to be monitored: it is necessary to understand if they hire or fire, if they are focusing on training and which agencies and consultants require services.

strategy - What are the stages of the strategic marketing plan

Having today more than ever available an important amount of data relating to users and their digital habits, it becomes possible to establish an emotional bridge and better understand people and their needs. How do ideal customers meet? By developing an increasingly widespread presence, for example on social networks, forums and communities : here it is possible to probe opinions and measure moods, intercepting useful information for planning and identifying buyer personas .

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It is necessary to understand what are the goals to be cut and the relative forecasts on the technical times necessary to do so. You have to understand how far you want to go and, above all, who you want to reach. The first aspect obviously concerns the business objectives , for example the increase in turnover and the improvement of the conversion rate. But also the opening of a new foreign market or the launch of products , as well as the improvement of traffic to the site via SEO Services in Delhi.

The definition of the ideal customer is equally important: each company moves differently. There are those who prefer to intercept many customers who, however, have limited spending autonomy and those who prefer the opposite. It is essential to define how and at what pace the money enters the company .

Strategic marketing operational phases: definition of action strategies and plan implementation

At this point it is time to define the pay per click action strategy . We have understood what are the objectives and who are the users to reach: now we need to understand how to put the relative paths into practice. It is necessary to analyze the scenarios on the horizon for what concerns the developments of the market, moreover, one must be ready to face any reversals in the face and changes in general (both in the reference sector and on the global scene). It is clear that this third phase is essential , therefore resources and time must be invested to make the situation as fluid as possible.

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ppc5 - What are the stages of the strategic marketing plan

After having studied the theoretical aspects at length, now is the time for practical actions. Technical staff are trained, tasks are assigned and work is organized. If you do not have the right skills within the company to pursue a path, it will be necessary to turn to the outside to be able to work together . Especially with regard to the aspects of communication. Any goal must be achieved in the best but also the least economic way possible.

Next steps: strategy monitoring, corrections and implementation

To close the question relating to the strategic marketing phases , it is necessary to talk about that relating to the monitoring of results which may make it necessary to introduce corrective measures and implementations of the strategy and related tools. It is necessary to continuously monitor the progress of the marketing techniques used to support the company, using both sector research and the analysis of the results obtained. If it emerges that the set objectives are too ambitious, it may be decided to simplify the goals , or on the other hand, to increase investments .

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