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What should be the best SEO strategies for 2021?

The site’s e-commerce became popular because of the contingency caused by Covid-19, but how to give that extra touch to attract more customers? Maybe you already have an optimized site, but the SEO trends for 2021 go one step further.


Value content for the user

If you are looking for a better position in the search engines, you need to continue investing in purposeful content to add value to your business to your customers. It’s not just about blog content: you can also use videos and even podcasts to make it more dynamic for customers.

Sticky phrases are fine, as long as they make sense to the user.

Mobile indexing

 Google has long been announcing this, and the time has come when websites will need to be indexed for mobile devices first. So, suppose you were completely convinced to carry out mobile indexing. 

Loading speed

When a site takes too much time to load, people often abandon it without hesitation. The reality is that no one likes to land on a slow loading site, and if your site is not optimized to improve your loading speed, you will likely see this reflected in your bounce rate, which will affect your ranking position of Google.

The SEO positioning of a site depends, fundamentally, on the analysis that Google makes of your website (the blessed algorithm). In this study, more than two hundred criteria are evaluated.

The algorithm, then, can be “helped.” The optimization of search engines, SEO analysis can help your company’s website have better search engine rankings to make it more visible.

In that sense, we present you with some SEO strategies that can collaborate with your website:

 * Take care of the user experience

 Although a priori does not sound like SEO, it is increasingly important. It is about the perception of users about your website after interacting with it. Google is measuring user experiences through metrics such as bounce rate or dwell time.

* Have a good web design

 Neither messy nor outdated, the design must be careful as it is part of the user experience. In this sense, the navigability should also be taken care of, that the loading speed is good and the web architecture.

* The long tail, the ideal keywords to improve the SEO service

 It is key to have good keyword research. Before generating the content, you must have established the keywords that you consider most important for your website. In SEO, long tails are very specific search terms. For example, “content strategy” would be a short keyword, while “content strategy advantages and disadvantages” is a long tail.

 These keywords are important in SEO because they drive more traffic to your website, reflect a more precise search intention, and get along better with voice searches.

  * It has a solid content strategy

 Google does not prefer websites that stagnate, that does not update and modify their content. It is key, then, to have a good content strategy. It will generate greater visibility for you. Although paid content generates it, you should not neglect the organic generation. SEO is also cheaper than SEM.

You must also optimize the title and Meta description.

 In addition to the content you upload, this strategy applies to all the pages of your website. The title is key in SEO positioning. The Meta description directly influences another important factor: the CTR. To improve optimization, it is recommended that the title include seductive keywords for users to click. You must also include keywords in the Meta description because they will be shown in bold and generate greater visual impact.

* Don’t stop optimizing images

 Beyond the fact that images provide visual appeal (this improves the user experience!), they also provide a plus when it comes to SEO optimization. Tips like adjusting the width to reduce the photos’ weight, compressing them without reducing their quality, using keywords to name the file or tagging them with alt can be extremely useful. 

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