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What is strategic marketing & How does it differ from the Regular

Strategic marketing, what is it for? Let’s start by saying that strategic marketing and operational marketing are complementary concepts and closely linked to each other, in practice they are like two sides of the same coin. Both represent absolute pillars in the context of continuous business development. Their task is to harmonize each marketing activity in order to structure the best strategic planning process. It is important to focus on both their key characteristics and their commonalities and differences in order to ensure business growth.

When the time comes to define a strong marketing plan, it is therefore necessary to proceed on two distinct levels, namely strategic and operational marketing. The first of these levels – which we could define as the ‘mind’ – focuses entirely on company objectives and brand values, needs the support of market studies and updated data. All elements that will then be put to use in the context of the second level, thanks to actions of an operational type (the ‘arm’). First of all, let’s see what strategic marketing is for, and then dedicate ourselves to analyzing the operational one in order to highlight the differences.

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Key features of the two pillars of business development

The set of activities that must then constitute the soul of the operational part takes the name of strategic marketing. This is the analytical aspect of the question, which focuses on planning over time the objectives to be achieved . What is needed at this stage? Without a doubt, a large amount of data, useful for identifying and defining the target audience and improving brand reputation, preparing your website design and development. Furthermore, a study of the competitors must be carried out , necessary to define the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

The more solid and thorough the strategy underlying the business development is, the less time it will take to achieve the estimated results. It is important to establish both the planning and the monitoring of the entire path , in order to insert corrective measures or take advantage of ongoing opportunities. But how long does a strategic marketing plan last? It ranges from three to five years , during which – if the plan is well structured – it will be possible to easily reach all the goals set.

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Once the strategic plan has been prepared, we then move on to the operational plan , which concertizes the services like pay per Click. The data that was collected allowed us to define the target audience, at this point all that remains is to select the channels to be exploited to develop ad hoc actions and with a view to increasing conversions. The reference is in particular to blogs, sites, social platforms and newsletters (based on the specific target audience) but not only.

Strategic marketing: what is it for and what are the short, medium and long term objectives

The combination offered by strategic and operational marketing is evident, which is why it is important not to make the mistake of confusing these two terms. So let’s see what are the main differences between them, especially keeping in mind some key points. Strategic marketing defines long-term objectives while operational marketing aims at achieving results in the short and medium term . It is also clear how one phase supports and integrates the other in the name of an absolute and modern synergy of views .

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Strategic marketing allows you to define generic and higher goals , while operational marketing will focus more on the modus operandi to achieve those same results . It is clear that it is absolutely essential to define an initial budget to invest to promote the sale of goods and services. By noting the actual needs of customers, their doubts and the most recurring curiosities, important competitive advantages can be obtained from a business development perspective.

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